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During the Dragon Boat Festival of China, some of Yestech people are doing installation for PALM Expo India 2017 in Mumbai. 

The weather now in Mumbai is hot and stuffiness, the temperture there is over 30 degree centigrade, everyone is leaking and sweating.
PALM Expo India 2017 Yestech

There are 8 members of Yestech's exhibition  team, 5 of them suffered in sunstroke. 

Right here the working environment is more poor than you can imagine, but no one will give up. 

Wiring under the screen, cabling between two screen, installing on 4 meters Multi-function Mounting Frame... Yetsech people always implement high standard. 

PALM Expo India 2017 Yestech
▲Our team

PALM Expo India 2017 Yestech

No matter how hard, Yestech always would show you our best. Looking forward to meeting you at PALM Expo,

 MAGIC STAGE and its special-shaped series are waiting for you at HALL1 F57!  

PALM Expo India 2017
Booth NO.: HALL 1 F57
Time:1st-3rd June
Place: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

▌2017 Exhibition Scheduling
PALM Expo India 2017 Yestech

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