Enjoy your InfoComm 2017, remember the stand No.453!

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InfoComm 2017 is the largest, most exciting event in the United States focused on the pro-AV industry!  

There's always something new to find, especially this year. The InfoComm show is your once-a-year opportunity to see the latest audiovisual technology. 

Yestech will provide you a visual feast of the lastest products and technology around. Enjoy your InfoComm 2017!  Remember booth No.453 !  

InfoComm 2017 Yestech

The MG7 P4.8 LED screen, which is the most versatile LED display with high-quality, will be on display at Yestech's booth. 

There will be a product experience area where you can experience 

the LED display firsthand and its multiple uses such as a dance floor, a stadium screen, a sky curtain and as a normal large LED display. 

Magic Extension LED display, which undergone extensive upgrades for creative styling, 

will create the diamond shape, the flower shape and the octagonal shapes on site.  

Don't forget to have a look at them. MG6 P2.84 indoor led display, the indoor LED display for high-end places, 

will show you its perfect & effective HD display and its very wide comfortable viewing angle. 

InfoComm 2017 Yestech

What's more, Yestech's new product series, which aim to expand more applications in radio, television and media industries, will also be exhibited. 

The High Density Panel Display" series, in the form of integrated 3 in1 encapsulation, 

broke through the limitations of traditional LED display encapsulation methods and achieved higher pixel density. 

It adopts SPC (Solid Phase Crystallization) under the condition of normal temperature, aluminum wire ultrasonic welding 

and non-reflow soldering to avoid thermal damage effectively. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, 

higher stability, good heat dissipation, wide viewing angle and energy efficiency.

InfoComm 2017
Booth NO.: 453
Time: 14 June-16 June
Place: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA

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