What’s the advantages of Magic Stage led display for hanging?

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* What's the advantages of Magic Stage led display for hanging? * 
Hanging LED displays are being used in more and more activities in the rental led display industry nowadays. 

Compared to other installation methods, hanging has the advantages of making full use of the space, wider range of content dissemination, better visual effects, etc.

However, according to sources, the bearing capacity standard of the load-bearing structure throughout the United States will have a sharp decline. 

So the weight of a hanging led display will be an important determinant factor for a rental agent. 

When use Magic Stage led display for hanging

What's the main advantages of Magic Stage led display for hanging?  *
1. The structure is good, and safe enough;
2. Light and thin, low requirement on Load-bearing structure;
3. Easy and convenient operation, fast installation;
4. Stable performance, and easy maintenance;
5. Optional pixel pitch, meet various viewing distance requirements;
6. Multi-use & various creative shapes;
7. Equipped with hanging beam, easier hanging;
8. Safety hanging height can reach up to 10 meters.

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