Don't Miss the Wonderful Products in IBC & LED China

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Although this is the first time to attend IBC, but YES TECH who exhibited the most creative led display products has received strong repercussions, 

you can feel its charm on the booth 11 B42 at RAI, Amsterdam. 

Coincides with the big day of IBC, YES TECH was honoured to be selected for the special reports of its 50 years anniversary. 

Don't Miss the Wonderful Products in IBC & LED China

the Wonderful Products in IBC & LED China

(Booth 11 B42) 

the Wonderful Products in IBC & LED China

(Special reports)

On the other side, LED China 2017 will soon be hold on 20-22 September at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), 

YES TECH will be at the booth E2 C42 which is now building orderly. 
 LED China 2017
(LED CHNA  Building...

Don't miss the wonderful products in these two exhibitions:

MG7 P4.8 LED display which is the most versatile LED display with high-quality shows you its multi-use. 

The home screen, dance floor, stadium screen, sky curtain screen and some creative shaped screens at the scene are all built by MG7 P4.8 led display.

 And with the Right angle, Tri-angle and Sector led display seires, the led screen can be created more creative shapes,

 such as a round, a diamand, a heart, a christmas tree, and a step screen, welcome to experience them.

MG6 P2.84, the indoor LED display specially for high-end places. 

The module is with magnetic structure, the back cover of the cabinet can be disassembly with in 1s, 

and it will show you its perfect & effective HD display and the very wide comfortable viewing angle.

❸ There are exciting new products on show. Are you interested in an interactive screen? I promise you will like them!

We are looking forward to meet you!
IBC 2017
Time: 15-19 September
Booth No.:  11 B42
Place: RAI, Amsterdam 

LED China 2017
Time: 20-22 September
Booth No.:  E2 C42

Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

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LED China 2017

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