Induction for YES TECH interactive dance floor

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Induction for YES TECH interactive dance floor

Watch the video:

1. Using self-developed sense operating system, the use of proximity sensing technology, with flash video material, to achieve induction interaction between the objects and the screen . 

2. There are 4 induction area on each cabinet. 

3. 1-9 adjustable sensitivity, more flexible applications. (1 piece of paper can be sensed with the level 9, even close to the palm can be sensed.) 

4. It can choose different mode for different occasions (dance floor mode /big normal display mode)with more targeted. 

5. The screen is compatible with Nova system, no need additional control system and the control system is optional.

6. With multi-function use, in addition to sensor interaction function, the screen can also realize big normal screen, ± 15 °arc screen, 

dislocation screen and other multiple applications, it is a well-deserved variety application king. 

(That is, the screen has all the features of the previous MG7P5.9 + sensor interactive features, but the general induction dance floor only with single function) 

7. It can be triggered with many points.(That means it will have inductive effect even several people are walking on it at the same time.) 

8. The inductive coil is placed on the top of mask. 

9. The induction speed is 0.5s. 

10. Do not suggest to use induction function on rainy days. 

11. Compared with infrared sensors, proximity sensor will be more accurate, and infrared sensor is easy to mistakenly trigger .

12. Compared with the radar sensor, proximity sensor is less affected by the environment, and there is no blockage lead to triggering failure .

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