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Beijing 2022|LED Display Technology Amazed the World


Beijing 2022 finished successfully, whose opening ceremony and closing ceremony spread ideas of technology and innovation, low-carbon and sport&health, brought gorgeous and romantic visual feast.

In Bird’s Nest stadium, LED display almost covered all visual display with an area of about 15000 sqm, is the largest in the world.

The world’s largest 3D 8K LED floor display, with an overall area of 11600 sqm, has 100000:1 contrast ratio and 3840Hz refresh rate. The stage screen has motion capture system and naked eye 3D to make immersive stage effect.

An LED ice waterfall, which is 60 meters high and likes Yellow River pouring down from the sky. The ice waterfall was used in the winter, the team used carbon fiber screens and aluminum transparent screen to adopt high winds environment.


A giant ice cube is the world's unique largest pentahedron, naked-eye 3D displays device. With carbon fiber structure, its weight is only 8kg/sqm to make sure the lifting speed. Ice Olympic rings’ interior is composed of 600 sqm LED screen with ultra-long life battery, and the outermost diffusion plate makes the visual effect clear and soft.

As the focus of the world, Beijing 2022 showed the latest technology and application. The display solution in Beijing 2022 is breakthrough of LED display industry and show the strongest power of “made in China”.

In the future, the most advanced industry technologies will use extensively at huge events and broadcast live such as 5G, 8K+AI, OBS, AIoT, LoRa and naked-eye, etc,. and the LED display will be bigger, lighter, faster and smarter.

As a LED display manufacture from China, YES TECH is so pound of this big step in LED display industry. We are honor to support 3000sqm LED display for two Medals Plaza of Beijing 2022 and witness the glory moments of Olympic athletics.

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