Hanging installation of Magic Stage series LED display

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For Magic Stage LED screen installation, we provide customers four methods: hanging installation, fixing installation, curving installation and dislocation installation. Customers can choose an appropriate installation style according to the situation. 

The hanging method is to hang the cabinet on the hanging beam. For such installation method, it must have a suitable installation location, such as overhead beams or lintel being present. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a cover at the back of the LED screen. To install in this way, it can also be mounted on TRUSS lifting frame or other similar firm structures. 

In this way, the uppermost of the display is aluminum hanging beam, and below cabinets are connected, and then the lower cabinet is fastened with the upper one, and the right one connected with the left one, thus it can form a whole screen. The hanging beam structure as picture 1, picture 2 is the complete installation of the hanging beam with rope and TRUSS.Each complete hanging beam is made up of several short hanging beams with 3 holes.

Picture 1: Aluminum hanging beam installation

Picture 2: Aluminum hanging beam installation(rope and the TRUSS frame)

Picture 3: Hanging beam mounted on TRUSS lifting frame

There are two connection methods between hanging beam and the cabinet : 1, the hanging beam is aligned with a single cabinet; 2, dislocation installation across two cabinets. Here we recommend the second way, as shown in Picture 4. 

Picture 4: Two connection methods of aluminum hanging beam 

According to our test, for choosing the hole quantity of each hanging beam, if use 4 holes of the aluminum hanging beam, the load weight is 2861N and security index is 3:1, 95kg, and it is safe within 16 cabinets’ height. Therefore, we should pay special attention to choosing the quantity of connectors, using 4 pieces of C - connectors. Also, it is safe to keep the angle between rope and hanging beam to be 85°- 95° in hanging installation. Design sketch is shown as picture 5&6. 

Note: Use hanging rope for hanging installation, make sure every rope bear the weight (rope in a tight condition). If the hanging height < 8 cabinets, using two C - connectors between cabinets; if the hanging height > 8 cabinets, using three C - connectors between cabinets. 

Picture 5: Front side design sketch of hanging installation 

Picture 6: Two installation methods of cabinets, design sketch in back side 

In addition, the hanging beam can also be used as ground support: When the ground is not flat, it can ensure smooth installation of the screen, as picture 7. 

Picture 7: design sketch of ground support installation