"LED Street Banner" of SMART CITY series 
- Light Up the Intelligent City Life

The new looking LED Street Banner is an outdoor permanent display which breaks the status 
of current outdoor fixing advertising LED display, makes spreading faster since it can display more content. 
And it can be remote-controlled to display all same information and free choice of playing time 
to ensure intelligent city life.

Vivid Visual Impact : High brightness and clear display effect can convey useful information to greatest extent.
Intelligent Control :

Built-in photosensitive control system can realize automatic adjustment of LED screen brightness. 

System power supply is controlled by software, free choice of playing time.

Mode Diversification : Three display modes for your choice: Synchronous control, asynchronous control, GPS wireless transmission.
Set WIFI, GPS mode connection cabinets and control the display, saving the cost of advertising.
More Content
Faster Update :
Large system storage space, instead of the single player content,
to ensure that screen information updated timely in online and offline mode.
High Level IP Grade :  Reaching high level IP65 grade, the led screen is suitable for 24-hour outdoor
and works well even in severe environment. 

High Level IP Grade, Works Well Even In A Severe Environment