Multi-function Mounting Frame 
- Strong and Flexible, Easy Installation, Wide Range Application

The "Multi-function Mounting Frame" adopt high strength aluminum alloy material, light, strong and beautiful.
With standardized composite structure unit design, it has more features of flexible, easy installation and wide range application.
It can be easily combined as the mounting structure for  conventional display, sky backdrop curtain, dance floor, stadium screen and trailer, etc.
It makes LED display installation easier and faster.

The components of Multi-function Mouting Frame (from bottom to top) : Base set, Bottome beam, Multi-function mounting frame, Jiont and Fasten screw. 

Installation of the Base Set(L)and the Bottom Beam(R)

The base set includes 1 base, 1 front extension frame, 1 back extension frame and 8 adjustable feets.

A Complete Set of Steps to install the Muti-function Mounting Frame

For satety, the maximum height for the multi-function mouting frame is 4 meters (4 pcs of frame). 
Adding extra counterweight on the backside of the frame is a must if you want to build higher (highter than 4 meters).

Use Multi-function Mounting Frame to install LED Sky Backdrop Curtain

Use Multi-function Mounting Frame to install LED Dance Floor

Use Multi-function Mounting Frame to install LED Stadium Screen

Use Multi-function Mounting Frame to in stall Overall Stage Frame

It can be easily composed for an overall stage frame, making the stage frame more integrated.

Use Multi-function Mounting Fame as A Trailer


Use Multi-function Mounting Frame to install Equipment Movement

Multi-function mounting frame combines with orbit equipment, to realize the display back and forth 
as well as left and right movement, showing various glamour of a mechanical stage.