MG7 P4.8, the Supreme of MAGIC STAGE
- the Most Versatile LED Display with High-quality

MG7 P4.8 is the Supreme of new upgraded Magic Stage series. 
It becomes the most suitable model using for both indoor and outdoor, and can be used for indoor & outdoor interactive LED display, indoor & outdoor 
dance floor, stadium LED display, sky curtain, normal big LED display (rental & fixing) and many kinds of applications. 
Meanwhile, with the unique material and structure design, MG7 P4.8 can realize many creative shapes, help you become creative winner.

Product Name
MG7 P4.8
Optional Configuration

Black LEDs with

high brightness

Black LEDs with

average brightness

Black shell LEDs

with high brightness

Operatiting Enviornment Outdoor & Indoor Outdoor & Indoor Ourtdoor & Indoor
White Valance Brightness
Max/Avg Power Consumption(W/Unit)
Contrast Ratio
Unit Material
High polymer nanotechnology material
Bearing Capacity
Fire Rate
Vertical Tecnsile Force
Compatible for indoor and outdoor
Viewing Angle
±15° Curving, Dislocation shape

Indoor and outdoor stage LED display, dance floor, stadium LED display, sky curtain, fixing advertising LED display, showcase LED display, etc.

Installation Method
Fixing, Hanging

Multi Scene Application
MG7 P4.8 can be used as the indoor and outdoor stage LED display, dance floor, stadium LED display, 
sky backdrop curtain, fixing advertising LED display, showcase LED display, etc. 
And it would be more convenient and fast, with using "Magic Stage Multi-function Mounting Frame". 

Used as Interactive Dance Floor

MG7 P4.8 was newly upgraded interactive function, making MG7 to fit more applications and requirements. 
By adjusting the different sensitivity, it can realize interactive LED display and interactive dance floor. 
It is the first choice of new product launches, project start, festivals celebration etc.

The LED Display with Multiple Creative Shapes
MG7 P4.8 is with unique multi holes design, together with easy operating connectors, 
can make multiple creative shapes such as ±15°Curving, up and down, left to right and  front and back dislocated installation. 
Apply with right-angle screen, triangle screen and sector screen to achieve a wide range of creative designs. 
Not only can make flat screen, dislocation and arch shape, but also the flat and curve polygon, sector, etc. 
Break through the limitation of a traditional idea of stage design, which is the implementor of innovation designs.

Contrast Ratio
MG7 P4.8 (Black LEDs) adopts exclusive customized matte surface 1818 black diamond LED with high stability, 
which use black matte pouring sealant and surface nano microsphere technology, Color diffusion and mix uniformly, 
besides its mask compatible for indoor and outdoor with shade can reduce the reflection rate greatly, 
and the contrast ratio reaches 6000:1. The contrast is 1.5 times of common products under the strong light environment. 
Meanwhile, cabinet flatness and consistency is more excellent, 
which can improve the comfort of observation of equipment and human eye, 
also weaken moire phenomenon to the greatest extent.
Under the situation of other conditions being equal, the contrast ratio of those using black LEDs is higher than the black shell LEDs ones.
The higher contrast ratio, the stronger picture detail processing ability, and the better display effect. 

Just in terms of brightness, those using black shell LEDs are higher than the black LED's ones.
But by test under the solar illumination of 52420 lux, as a result of a strong contrast ratio, 
the LED display using black LEDs at the brightness of 3000±10%cd/㎡ 
show better display effect than those black shell LEDs ones at the brightness of 5500±10%cd/㎡.

Power Consumption
Compared to those common LED display, MG7 P4.8 has lower power consumption and more energy saving.
And the power consumption of those using black LEDs are even lower than the black shell LEDs ones.

Low Brightness with High Scale Gray 
Only need to turn on the indoor mode when used for indoor LED display, and adjust the brightness to indoor studio mode, 
meeting mode and show mode, it makes comfortable viewing with nice color.

The Best Pixel Pitch for Indoor and Outdoor Events
The pixel density of MG7 P4.8 can be up to 43264 dots/㎡, and its minimum comfortable viewing distance is 8m. 
On the requirement of uniform HD, compared to P3 (or smaller pixel pitch) and P5(or bigger pixel pitch), 
our MG7 P4.8 LED display has excellent advantages on the ratio between events venue and the screen size, 
also has more comfortable viewing angle for audiences.

More Security and Stability
MG7 P4.8 strengthened structural design for both borders, It is more security and stability when used as dance floor.
And MG7 P4.8 passed the bearing test, safety bearing capacity can reach 800kg/0.03㎡

Excellent Heat Dissipation
MG7 P4.8 strictly takes control the electric current, reducing heat emission. 
There are 4 L-shaped air intake holes in 2 sides of the cabinet and the turbo cycle heat dispassion system inside. 
The wind access from the back side of LED module and emerge from the back side power box, 
helps to reduce the temperature of the electronic components such as LED modules, LED lamps, driving IC and other electron components, 
and improve the stability of the display and enhance the life span. 
With the additional aluminum plate over the back of the cabinet, It makes the heat dispassion to be more outstanding.

High IP Grade, Tight Protective Treatment
MG7 P4.8 has passed the rigorous protective treatment, IP grade is up to IP65 (completely preventing the dust access / water wash)
it can be used in harsh environments, no fear of any terrible weather.

Fast Maintenance
One single person can easily take out and replace any cabinets from the whole display in 50 seconds. 
It is easier to replace cabinets than repairing the LED module during the live events.