MG6S Series LED Display
MG6S Series LED Display
Advantage & characteristics 

1. Brand new appearance , industrialized design, simple and elegant.  
2. Modular design, stable, safe, convenient.                                              
3. Optimized the cable collection locks design, more humanized.          
4. Added the ring tab on the back cover , easier to disassemble.           
5. New buckle design, safe and easy.                                                         
6. Updated fixing connector, more safety.                                                  
7. New corner protection design, better on protection.                             

◎ Modular design

Adopting modular design, module, driving board, receiving card and power supplier are connected by pins. 
True wireless design improves safety and stability from the root, fire proof up to V-0 grade.
MG6S Series LED Display

◎ Double backup correction data

Support module flash management, intelligent module management, 
and double backup correction data, which makes the debugging more secure.

◎ Real visual reappearance

Selecting full black leds and high gray high refresh IC,
 matching with superior control system, 
and adopting HDR technology, screen could reach 18 bits gray scale and maximum reappear real image.

MG6S Series LED Display

◎ Front & Rear maintenance

Module, power, driving board, receiving card all can be available for front maintenance,
 so does the whole cabinet for rear one, it’s more convenient. The back cover is fastened by buckle, 
it can be disassembled quickly to realize fast maintenance. 
The cabinet can be replaced out of the whole screen at random.

MG6S Series LED Display

◎ Light and thin cabinet
Adopting polymer nanotechnology material, so it’s very light and thin, only 5.9 kg per cabinet. Easily carry and install,
 save time, very suitable for rental clients. 
If using as sky curtain, lighter cabinets make installation easier and safer.

MG6S Series

◎ Creative shapes

Unique cabinet structure design and connector design
 (Two in one new type connector, curving connectors are both available),
 to form inner&outer curve LED display, S shape LED display and circle LED display. 
Multi-holes design, together with easy operation connectors, 
you can build up & down, right & left, front&back dislocation, to present letters,
 numbers, chinese characters, and creative shapes etc.