Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay

Brief Introduction:                                             

1. New industrial appearance design, steady, slim, light.                                    
2. Upgraded design of full modularization, stable, safe, speedy.                       
3. New update of air inlet design, effective heat dissipation, noise reduction. 
4. Update of structure reinforcement, hanging higher and faster.                       
5. Optimized cable collection lock, more humanization operation.                    
6. Optimized connector of fixing, more secure.                                                    

MG7S P3.9 led display

Advantage Characteristics:                               
1. Adjustable indoor and outdoor mode                

MG7S P3.9 featured customized 1516 full black LEDs, its brightness can be freely adjusted between 4500nit and 1000nit. 
Special LEDs are optimized after multiple matches, which is large current response interval. 
It can perfect meet the general needs of products indoor and outdoor use. Indoor and outdoor mode is freely adjustable. 

Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay 

When adjust the brightness of MG7S P3.9 from 4500nit to 1000nit,
 its adjustment range is relatively small , 
so RGB of the LEDs are still in the response interval.
 Indoor and outdoor mode is freely adjustable and color performance of the LED display is still excellent. 

2. The best pixel pitch both for indoor and outdoor use

The pixel density of MG7S P3.9 can reach up to 65536 dots/m2 6.63 meters, 
which is more suitable for large indoor and outdoor events’ watching demand. 
On the requirement of uniform HD, compared to other pixel pitch, 
MG7S P3.9 has absolute advantages on the ratio between events venue and the screen size, 
also has more comfortable viewing angle for audiences.
Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay

3. Excellent protection performance 

MG7S P3.9 adopts 1516 full black LEDs. Compared with 1921 white LEDs of other competing products in the market, 
it’s smaller with better protection of edge, quite good on anti-collision performance and higher stability. 
At the same time, it passed the rigorous protective processes. 
The IP rate is IP65(completely preventing the dust access/water wash), 
worry-free to use in any terrible weather. 

Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay

4. Perfect display effect

Adopting 1516 full black LEDs, high refresh & gray IC, matching with high quality control system, 
and using HDR technology, MG7S P3.9 have high&rich color expressiveness. 
With 1/8 scan mode, when facing the camera, the display image is more smoother and beautiful.
Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay

5. Modular design

MG7S P3.9 adopts upgraded design of full modularization, 
the cabinet is consist of three independent parts: 
module, driver, and power supply. wireless design inside of cabinet,
 transmission of signal and power is more stable and secure. 
Furthermore, maintenance is much easier and quicker. 

Magic Stage MG7 P3.9 LED Dsiplay

6. Easy to form any creative shapes

Unique cabinet structure design and connector design (Two in one new type connector, 
curving connectors are both available), to form inner&outer curve LED display, 
S shape LED display and circle LED display. Multi-holes design, 
together with easy operation connectors, you can build up & down, right & left, front&back dislocation, 
to present letters, numbers, chinese characters, and creative shapes etc.