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High Density Panel Display Series

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  • More Stable, More High Definition

    High density panel display, in the form of integrated 3in1 encapsulation, 
    broke through the limitations of traditional LED display encapsulation methods and achieved higher pixel density. 
    It adopts SPC (Solid Phase Crystallization) under the condition of normal temperature, 
    aluminum wire ultrasonic welding and non-reflow soldering to avoid thermal damage effectively. 

    More Stable, More High Definition
  • High Stability

    This series is more stable than traditional SMD ones. 

    Since the LED lamp of high density panel display do not require the reflow soldering, 

    it largely avoided the damage ratio of the lamp holder and epoxy gap during the high temperature soldering, 

    greatly reduced the dead pixel ratio after delivery. 

    The unique encapsulation method is very helpful to protect the LED lamp, and increase the resistance.

    High Stability
  • Moisture proof, Dust proof, Anti-Striking, Anti-static

    It adopts a completely new technology, with unique features for 

    moisture-proof, Dust-proof, Anti-Striking, IP grade in the front can reach IP54. Flat LED surface with no gap.

    You can wipe away the dust and water spots from the LED surface directly, easy for cleaning and maintenance.

    Moisture proof, Dust proof, Anti-Striking, Anti-static
  • Fast Heat Dissipation

    This kind of LED chip was encapsulated directly on the PCB board, 

    the heat can dissipate through the PCB board and aluminum plate over the cabinet. 

    It realizes the mode of heat dissipation from a point to a surface, 

    makes the heat dissipation more faster and heat conduction efficiency much higher. 

    It effectively weakens light attenuation of LED chip, and prolongs the life span of the LED display.

    Fast Heat Dissipation
  • High Gray Scale Display Control Technology

    Adopting PWM gray-scale control technology, high density panel display can achieve high performance 

    in gray scale and a high quality view with dedicated, rich and layered color.

    High Gray Scale Display Control Technology
  • Wide Viewing Angle and Perfect Display

    With unique perspective technology and 175 degrees from top to bottom and left to right viewing angle, 

    the picture is complete, more impact and no color difference.

    The high-filled factor optical design of high density panel display changes the “Point light source” to the “surface light source”, 

    eliminating the granular sense of the traditional SMD and greatly weakening the Moire pattern. 

    Matte coating technology of high density panel display significantly improves the contrast ratio and reduces glare and harsh sense, 

    so it is not easy to cause visual fatigue and can be watched closely and long time.

    Wide Viewing Angle and Perfect Display
  • Seamless Splice, Perfect Image

    LED display breaks the dimension limitation, which can be spliced at any dimension and any direction.

    And this series is suitable for command and control center, conference center, radio and television, transportation fields, high-end and luxury, etc.

    Seamless Splice, Perfect Image

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