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LED Advertising Sign

Pixel Pitch: 4 / 5mm

Size: 3000*1100*300mm

Operating Environment: Outdoor

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  • A New Intelligent Information Transmission Equipment 

    It is composed a complete advertising display system by the terminal software control system,

    network information transmission and multimedia terminal display.

    And it can advertise by image, text, video and other multimedia content.

    A New Intelligent Information Transmission Equipment 
  • Elegant Design

    Exquisite workmanship, fastidious material, brief and concise,so it can match different environment and suit for upscale place. 

    Elegant Design
  • Adjustable Brightness

    Ensuring high brightness and clear image even under strong sunshine.Built-in photosensitive control system can realize automatic adjustment according to natural light changes,make the screen more environment friendly and watched comfortable. 

    Adjustable Brightness
  • Multi-Function

    It can not only display advertising information, support video, table, words and other form files, also can display traffic direction information. 

  • Flexible Display Control Management

    Content can be set to permanent display, also can display specified date,time and priority flexibly. A variety of different period of content will be preserved in the terminal as the form of a stored program. The terminal will display content automatically as scheduled ,and can realize the program inter-cut, backup and other functions easily. 

    Flexible Display Control Management
  • Intelligent Temperature Control

    This system can regulate the internal temperature and humidity of equipment, to ensure the normal operation and life span of the equipment in the -30—60°working environment. 

    Intelligent Temperature Control
  • High Level IP Grade

    Reaching high level IP65 grade, can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor environment, dust-proof, water-proof, lightning-proof etc. 

    High Level IP Grade
Product NameYGS-P04NFDYGS-P05NFB
Operating EnvironmentOutdoorOutdoor
LED Encapsulation20203528
Pixel Pitch (mm)45
Module Size (mm)128*128160*160
Cabinet Size (mm)1056*2000*1501120*2000*150
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)224*352192*352
Weight (kg/cabinet)//
White Balance Brightness (nit)600-8004000-4500
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle120/120120/120
Power Consumption(W/m)880/300560/190
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥960≥960
Control SystemNovaNova

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