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LM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series

Pixel Pitch: 0.9/1.25/1.5mm

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm

Operating Environment: Indoor

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  • Expand Your Vision HD & Soft--LM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series

    Expand Your Vision   HD & Soft--LM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series
  • Higher Reliability & Protection

    COB (Chip On Board): Adopting light-emitting chips and PCB integration, no risk for virtual welding, more effective protection of led chips, higher reliability and stability.

    Low failure rate: The lamp’s out of control rate is less than 10 PPM, which effectively reduces the service frequency, and the screen utilization rate is higher and more stable.

    Optional configuration: Power dual backup, Receive card dual backup, increase reliability.

    Higher Reliability & Protection
  • Higher Definition Image Quality

    It perfectly solves the problem of inconsistent brightness and chromaticity among LED pixels, 

    eliminates mottled and mosaic phenomena during display, and has a uniformity of more than 97%.

    High contrast, high refresh, and high gray output, and the screen display is more high-definition and delicate.

    COB technology: surface glows instead of dots, soft image, free of Grainy and Noise. Suitable for long-time viewing.

    Higher Definition Image Quality
  • Stronger Protection

    The COB production process has the characteristics of shockproof, damp proof, anti-collision, frontal dust proof and waterproof. 

    The frontal protection level reaches IP54, the product anti-collision test value is>10KG, and it can bear at least 5 times more thrust than SMD lamps. 

    The entire surface of the PCB is covered with encapsulant, which can be wiped directly with a damp cloth for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Stronger Protection
  • Wide Viewing Angle

    170 degrees viewing angle, the image display area will be larger, viewing in all directions will be more comfortable.

    Wide Viewing Angle
  • Lower Cost

    Real front maintenance,wall-mounted installation, saving more space cost; ultra-low unpacking failure rate, modules are easy to replace, and extremely low maintenance and use cost.

    Lower Cost
Product NameLM P0.9LM P1.25LM P1.56
Operating EnvironmentIndoorIndoorIndoor
LED EncapsulationCOB 3in1COB 3in1COB 3in1
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.93751.251.5625
Module Size (mm)300*168.75300*337.5300*337.5
Cabinet Size (mm)600*337.5600*337.5600*337.5
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)640*360480*270384*216
Weight (kg/cabinet)
White Balance Brightness (nit)400-450550-600550-600
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle170/160170/160170/160
Power Consumption(W/)490/160460/160415/140
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920 (1920,2880,3840...)
Control SystemNovaNovaNova

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