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Mpad Fine Pixel Pitch series, Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 0.9/1.2/1.25/1.5mm

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm

Operating Environment: Indoor

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  • Mpad mini series--Enjoy the microscopic vision

    Based on IMD and YOB technology, the Mpad series has strong anti-collision, high reliability, 

    easy maintenance and operation, better color consistency, providing more delicate display experience.

    Mpad mini series--Enjoy the microscopic vision
  • IMD integrated packaging technology

    The 4 in 1 IMD packaging has better performance on anti-collision ability, heat dissipation, lower failure rate, color consistency, high-definition display, easy 1maintenance.

    IMD integrated packaging technology
  • Realistic display

    16-22bit high greyscale output, nanosecond response, ultra-high contrast ratio and refresh rate, pixel-to-pixel display.

    Realistic display
  • Better viewing experience

    Using surface light-emitting technology, the picture is soft, suitable for long-time viewing. 170° ultra-wide viewing angle, viewers can get a high-quality viewing experience from all angles.

    Better viewing experience
  • Stable and reliable

    Cable-free connection design inside the cabinet. Dual power supply and signal backup.

    Good thermal conductivity. Optional common negative energy saving scheme (P0.9).

    Stable and reliable
  • Light and thin cabinet, support multiple installations

    A single cabinet is only 5.5kg, can be mounted on the wall, save more installation space. Support Hanging installation, stacking installation, and wall-mounted installation.

    Light and thin cabinet, support multiple installations
  • Front maintenance, convenient operation

    Standard 16:9 ratio design, simple installation size calculation. Front maintenance, no maintenance space, highly integrated modular design, easier maintenance.

    Front maintenance, convenient operation
  • Applications

    It can be widely used for corporate commerce, studios, command control center, etc.

Product NameYMpad-P00JNFTYMpad-P01CNFT
Operating EnvironmentIndoorIndoor
LED EncapsulationIMDIMD
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.93751.25
Module Size (mm)160x180150*337.5
Cabinet Size (mm)600x337.5x32.6600x337.5x32.6
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)640x360480x270
Weight (kg/cabinet)4.84.8
White Balance Brightness (nit)600-650600-650
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle160/160160/160
Power Consumption(W/㎡)600/200500/165
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920 (1920,2880,3840...)
Control SystemNovaNova

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