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With the rapid development of the display industry, innovative elements are continuously emerging, bringing more application opportunities to all industries. XR technology will be widely used in film, live broadcasting, news, sports live events, etc., offering more natural and realistic scenes, as well as immersive experiences.

YES TECH provides ultra-HD immersive XR studio solutions. The full viewing angle screen replaces the traditional green screen, seamlessly extending real-world LED screens into virtual environments. The picture quality is exquisite and realistic, improving creation efficiency and realizing more creative possibilities. It is becoming increasingly popular in the film and television production industry.

Saving environment cost

Easily adjust the scene layout and switch between scenes, saving time and space during shooting transitions.

Full viewing angle screen

Full viewing angle LED screen replaces the traditional green screen and real scene to restore the scene.

Controllable whole process of scence

Real-time signal transmission and real-time screen monitoring can adapt to various virtual scenes and signal sources for shooting needs.

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