Mnano MetaTech Series

Smart COB, Smart Budget

Pixel pitch: 0.9/1.25

Cabinet size: 600*337.5*39.75mm / 600*675*39.75mm

Operating environment: Indoor

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Cost-effective Shared Pixel Technology
Two Cabinet Options Available
HD Display

Through the COB shared pixel rendering technology, increased LEDs and and drive IC, can achieve HD display effect with lower cost.

Energy-saving & Environmental Friendly

Under white balance, MetaTech series VS real pixel, the power consumption drops by around 10%

Under Black balance, MetaTech series VS real pixel,  the power consumption drops by around 50%

Delicate Picture

Adopts Mini Flip-chip COB and nano-optical composite material packaging coating, can make the whole screen ink color consistent for a long time.

Through the shared pixel technology resulting in higher contrast and vibrant image.

“Cool” Screen

Cutting-edge full flip-chip technology reduce thermal resistance and address substrate heat dissipation issues. With low temperature rise, low power consumption and better heat dissipation.

Convenient Installation

Support wall-mounting and stacking installation, suitable for various scenarios.

Lower Management Cost

Large size cabinet is optional, materials and management costs are lower, bring greater application and business value.

Fully Front Maintenance

Magnetic tools for front maintenance, easy to operate.

Application Scenario

Suitable for various indoor scenarios such as enterprise commerce, studios, command & control room, etc.


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Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.9 1.25
Encapsulation COB(Common  anode) COB(Common  anode)
Module Size (mm) 150*168.75 150*168.75
Cabinet Size (mm) 600*337.5*39.75/600*675*39.75 600*337.5*39.75/600*675*39.75
Cabinet Resolution (W×H) 320*360/320*720 240*270/240*540
IP Grade Front IP54 Front IP54
Weight (kg/cabinet) 4/7.9 4/7.9
White Balance Brightness (nit) 600 600
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle 160 160
Power Consumption(W/㎡) 320/640 320/640
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1920-3840 1920-3840
Control System Nova Nova


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