YES TECH the First Overseas Exhibition Center is Officially Launched


Recently, the first overseas exhibition center of YES TECH was officially launched in Glasgow, UK. On opening day, YES TECH showcased the popular products: MG7S Series, MG Cube Series, Mwall Series, ES Series and MnanoⅡ Series. Allowing visitors experienced various of application scenarios and ultra-high definition LED screens.


In the retail display area, the creative-shaped beverage bar adopts by our MG7S series and MG Cube series. The flower-shaped formed by the square columns screens and extended screens, perfectly showcasing the 90°seamless splicing and stability of MG series. 


Conference display area also draw much attention, YES TECH showcases 3 large LED screens with MG7S series, ES series and Mwall series. Featuring 18Bit+ grayscale output, making images more realistic and vivid with high contrast and high gray scale. 


Sample area showcases some cabinet of MG6S, MG7S, MG Cube, MnanoⅡ and etc..Allowing visitors to get close to understand the detailed features of YES TECH.


The cabinet of MG6S utilizes the unique patented polymer nano-material, cabinet weight only half that of the same-sized metal cabinet material. It can be used in any indoor rental scenarios with easy installation. It supports double backup of correction data and intelligent module management, so that the system can operate safely and stably. Elaborately selected brand LEDs, which can reach 18bit+ gray scale, can accurately and clearly display high-resolution video images with bright colors. 


MG7S series: Multi-functions, not only apply into indoor and outdoor, but also can suitable for floor tile screens, stadium screens and sky curtains. Multi-shapes, combined with MG creative-extended series, it can achieve various of creative design.The cabinet utilizes the unique patented polymer nano-material, which has the toughness of polymer materials and firmness of metals. Adopting the linear adhesive workmanship, the LED’s trust increased by 100%.Combined with the patented connector, Combined with the patented connector, MG7S Cube can replace the traditional screen of the MG7S series, and splicing with creative extension series, which can realize various shapes such as numbers, letters, creating a sense of space with a more diverse stage shape.

Mnano employs 4th generation COB cutting-edge technology with low temperature rise, low power consumption and better dissipation.It also has the characteristics of cold screen touch and long-term consistent ink color, providing a high definition visual experience. Suitable for various indoor scenarios, such as corporate events, studios, command and control centers, and more.

YES TECH UK exhibition hall has showcased various application solutions, including conference, stage rentals, retail and DOOH. This year, YES TECH has launched R&D center in Shenzhen and its first overseas after-sales service center in the United States. We are committed to build a high-quality global service system and continually achieving localization of overseas service.

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