Asian Games Memories | Nine years ago, YES TECH’s Story with the Asian Games Began Here...


Recently, the Asian Games torch was lit and relayed along the lush shores of West Lake, marking the final countdown to the highly anticipated 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. According to reports from various media outlets, the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will express Chinese culture, the spirit of sports, and the charm of Asia in a captivating manner. It will fully integrate the power of technology with the beauty of art, generating great anticipation among numerous netizens.


Hangzhou Asian Games Torch Relay Scene (Image sourced from the web)

When we look back at the artistic performances of past Asian Games opening ceremonies, they have always been a compilation of visually and emotionally compelling symbols that represent the local culture and history of the host city and nation. Nine years ago, the 17th Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony took "United Asia" as its theme, turning the opening extravaganza into a grand showcase of Korean culture and fashion. It was during that time that the unforgettable memories of YES TECH's connection with the Asian Games began to form.


Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony (Image sourced from the web)

Reflecting on the Glory of The Incheon Asian Games

On September 19, 2014, the 17th Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony took place at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium. The opening ceremony, which cost 20 billion Korean won, lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes, attracting tens of thousands of spectators and being broadcasted live in over 40 Asian countries.


Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony (Image sourced from the web)

During the opening ceremony, water droplets fell, drums resounded, fans danced, and taekwondo was showcased on the stage. The appearance of many well-known Korean stars such as BigBang, Psy, and Kim Soo-hyun elevated the atmosphere of the Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony to its peak. On the outer sides of the spectator seating area, YES TECH's "Magical Stage" LED screens formed long strips of light panels. Through the rapid changes in LED screen lighting, it created a special interactive experience, sometimes displaying a tranquil blue ocean and at other times playing warm and enthusiastic flames, spreading the increasingly vibrant atmosphere to the live audience.


Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony (Image sourced from the web)

YES TECH, as an LED display screen company participating in the Incheon Asian Games, showcased the remarkable charm of its "Magical Stage" series of LED display screen products on-site. These products added a touch of brilliance to the atmosphere of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Incheon Asian Games with their wide viewing angles and high protection levels, ensuring safety and reliability. Furthermore, their rich color expression, profound stage atmosphere creation capabilities, and convenient assembly & disassembly advantages have earned the trust and favor of a large number of customers. This product has also laid a solid foundation for its subsequent use in major international events such as the FIFA World Cup in Russia, the World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Qatar World Cup, creating stunning visual experiences and delivering the excitement of sporting events.


Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony (Image sourced from the web)

Each edition of the Asian Games is also a cultural extravaganza, and when the competition on the field comes to a standstill, the cultural charm and spectacular moments of the Asian Games shine brightly. YES TECH is honored to be a witness and contributor to the highly anticipated opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games.


Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony (Image sourced from the web)

YES TECH has more exciting stories to share with you about its involvement in past Asian Games and beyond. Stay tuned for more!

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