YES TECH Shenzhen Exhibition Hall Is Officially Open to the Public!



YesTech Shenzhen Exhibition Hall has recently been officially opened to the public. This move aims to enhance the company's brand image and industry influence, as well as to foster closer interaction with all our partners.



The exhibition hall showcases a range of hot-selling YesTech products, and with scene-based application experiences, various solutions are available such as high-end conference display, rental staging display, commercial display, and XR application display, allowing visitors to enjoy a visual feast of high-definition images and immerse themselves in the latest display technologies.


High-end Conference Display — MnanoⅡ Series

The initial sight is drawn to the high-end conference display featuring the MnanoⅡ Series product. It boasts advantages such as high uniformity ink color, UHD viewing experience, cold screen, and six-dimensional protection to elevate reliability, which make it the top pick for high-end and cost-effective indoor applications.


Rental Staging Display — MG7S Series

YesTech MG7S Series products have been used in major domestic and international events such as the Qatar World Cup, Indonesia G20 Summit, Beijing Winter Olympics, and Dubai World Expo, perfectly showcasing the features of "Multi-Function & Multi-shape".


Commercial Display — Mwall Series 

YesTech indoor fixed installation Mwall Series are responsible for creating the commercial display application. With the ability to achieve seamless splicing at 90-degree corners, this product delivers a mesmerizing naked-eye 3D visual effect that successfully captures the attention of viewers, making advertisements visually compelling and remarkable!


XR Application Display — MG7S Series

YesTech Shenzhen Exhibition Hall showcased the MG7S series in the XR application display. With a refresh rate of up to 7680Hz, this product effectively provides a smooth and seamless visual experience. It also supports a cinematic-grade 240Hz high frame rate, allowing for high-quality video recording with reduced motion blur. This advanced technology not only improves the overall video quality, but also significantly reduces the cost and workload of outdoor shooting and post-production visual effects. With XR technology, creating stunning video content has never been easier or more affordable.


Demo Cabinet Presentation — Mplus Series, Msign Series, DS Series, ES Series

YesTech has created a diverse range of products tailored to meet varying application needs, taking into account both customer demands and market trends. Our demo display area provides customers with the chance to closely examine our products and stay updated on the latest technologies.


YesTech Shenzhen Exhibition Hall boasts a sleek and sophisticated design, presenting a wide range of application scenarios that fully embody the company's commitment to intelligent display manufacturing and an unwavering pursuit of craftsmanship. We warmly welcome new and familiar customers, as well as industry partners, to explore and experience YesTech's exceptional product offerings.


YES TECH R&D and Exhibition Center

Room 202, Building 5, Lian’gao Creative Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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