Visual Excellence: YES TECH Latest Case Collection


Committed to excellence in both products and services for over 20 years, YES TECH consistently delivers innovative solutions and high-end products for a wide range of events, showcasing exceptional quality. Let's dive into some recent cases and experience the wonderful visual effects they offer.


Rental & Staging

1. Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

YES TECH introduced the "airplane" stage adorned with futuristic elements for Usher’s electrifying performance at Super Bowl LVIII. Utilizing the MG7S and MG Creative-Extended Series, they crafted a visually stunning layout, blending innovation with vibrant hues and dynamic visuals. This show drew nearly 200 million online viewers and ignited the passion. 1_1711075183.jpg


2. Jazan Winter 2024

At the grand Jazan Winter Festival in Saudi Arabia, YES TECH supported 500SQM MG7S LED displays for a large-scale visual presentation, providing a wonderful backdrop for performances at the festival. Together with 1400 drones on the spot that showcased an immersive visual experience.




3. Rabeh Saqer in Diriyah 2024

At the performance venue for the renowned star, Rabeh Saqer, over 400 SQM of MG6S displays were installed. The vibrant colors, coupled with images of traditional scenes from Saudi Arabia, accompanied by his singing, crafted an unforgettable audio-visual spectacle for the audience.5_1711075207.png



1. BYD Seal Launch

The creative display, featuring one main screen and two curved screens on both sides, was made by MG6S which delivers vivid images and provides a comfortable viewing experience, supporting the conference's great success.8_1711075204.jpg


2. The10th World Water Forum

The 10th World Water Forum's Second Stakeholder Consultation Meeting (SCM) was successfully held in Bali, Indonesia. With reliable performance and excellent high-definition quality, the MG6S Series products were used to better convey the conference's mission directly.9_1711075204.jpg


3. Convención Coca Cola

At the 2024 Annual Celebration of Coca-Cola in Colombia, YES TECH's screens once again shone brightly, featuring a high-definition main screen complemented by sleek side screens. The creative combination formed a visually delight display, making them another spotlight of the celebration.11_1711075207.jpeg



Cash & Carry project

YES TECH has constructed an indoor fixed installation project exceeding 1000SQM in the UK Cash & Carry. Utilizing the Mwall series, this project boasts high flatness and exceptional visual effects. The dynamic LED display screens engage the audience's senses, effectively conveying commercial information.13_1711075207.jpg


Sports Event

La defense Arena for Nanterre Basket show

In the grand Paris La Défense Arena, capable of hosting up to 40,000 spectators, YES TECH's MG7S Series takes center stage. With its striking rectangular design suspended above, this display screen commands attention, becoming a focal point for the arena. Its high-definition clarity brings the intensity of the matches to life while providing real-time scores, infusing every event with energy and excitement.



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