Illuminate Your Outdoor Environment with YES TECH's ES Series Outdoor LED Video Wall


Embrace the realm of outdoor visual excellence with YES TECH's cutting-edge ES Series outdoor LED video wall solutions. As we delve into the world of advanced technology, the ES Series stands out for its remarkable features, encompassing high brightness, energy efficiency, and robust design elements. Designed to deliver exceptional performance in outdoor settings, from vibrant concerts to thrilling sporting events, the ES Series redefines outdoor LED displays. Discover the brilliance of YES TECH's ES Series outdoor LED video walls.


Innovative Brilliance and Efficiency: High-Performance Lighting and Energy Conservation

The ES Series by YES TECH strikes a harmonious balance between brilliance and efficiency. Focused on energy-saving technology without compromising on luminosity, these outdoor LED video walls offer a striking visual experience while conserving power. The series' dedication to providing vibrant visuals regardless of lighting conditions makes it an ideal choice for outdoor environments where clarity and energy efficiency are essential.


Durable Design: Safeguarding Longevity and Stability

Crafted to withstand outdoor elements, the ES Series showcases a robust construction that emphasizes durability and safety. Featuring cabinet sizes of 1000*1000*85/500*1000*85mm, these outdoor LED video walls seamlessly integrate into various outdoor spaces. With V-0 level fire-proof certification for added safety, IP65 protection grade, and waterproof modules offering reliable defense against water ingress, the series ensures dependable protection. Enhanced with strong salt spray resistance and a wide operating temperature range of -30-50°C, the ES Series guarantees durability and longevity, making it a trustworthy solution for outdoor applications.


Seamless Visual Performance: Elevating Outdoor Displays

Experience flawless performance and unmatched visual excellence with our ES Series outdoor LED video walls. Whether creating immersive environments at music festivals, boosting brand visibility at outdoor events, or broadcasting live sports action, these video walls deliver sharp imagery and dynamic content that captivates audiences. Equipped with features ensuring optimal image quality, weather-resistant design, and consistent performance in diverse outdoor settings, the ES Series empowers users to transform outdoor spaces into captivating visual showcases that leave a lasting impact.


Our ES Series outdoor LED video walls epitomize a fusion of advanced technology, durability, and visual impact in outdoor display solutions. From its energy-efficient design and high brightness to its sturdy construction and weatherproof attributes, the ES Series is designed for outdoor LED video walls that prioritize performance and longevity. Whether enhancing outdoor advertising campaigns, creating remarkable event atmospheres, or broadcasting live content in outdoor venues, the ES Series presents a versatile and dependable solution that elevates outdoor visual displays.

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