Introducing the Revolutionary MG9 Series for Stage Rental LED Screens


With the revolutionary MG9 Series tailored for stage rental, YES TECH chase for excellence of LED display technology with its cutting-edge multi-function and multi-shape capabilities. Whether it's for indoor performances, outdoor spectacles, dynamic dance floors, immersive stadium screens, or captivating sky curtains, the MG9 Series offers unmatched versatility and performance. Our focus on innovation and user experience sets a new standard for rental LED display solutions, offering endless creative opportunities to engage audiences effectively and capture attention like never before.

Elevating Interaction with the MG Patented Dance Floor

Step into the future of interactive displays with the MG9 Series and its patented dance floor mask. This distinctive feature transforms the LED screen into a vibrant and dynamic dance floor, boasting wide viewing angles of up to 160° for limitless shooting possibilities from any vantage point. The latest MG9 Series showcases a remarkable nearly fivefold increase in anti-fatigue performance, with a robust maximum load-bearing capacity of 4.6 tons.


The MG patented dance floor mask not only enhances the visual allure of the display but also immerses users in a captivating interactive experience. Whether deployed at events, shows, or entertainment venues, the dance floor feature introduces a new realm of creativity and engagement to the MG9 Series, elevating every performance to a new level of excitement and interactivity.



Enhanced Performance with Cutting-Edge Heat Dissipation Technology

Experience unparalleled performance with the advanced heat dissipation technology integrated into the MG9 Series. Featuring dual heat dissipation mechanisms such as an aluminum backplane and an optional thermal balance system, heat is efficiently dispersed across the LED lamps and IC components. The seamless design of the back cover and heat dissipation function significantly expands the heat dissipation area, enhancing overall display performance.


Optimal heat management ensures the smooth operation and extended lifespan of the MG9 Series, guaranteeing consistent brightness and exceptional image quality even in challenging environments. By prioritizing effective heat dissipation, we deliver a stage rental LED display solution that surpasses expectations in performance, reliability, and visual impact.


The YES TECH MG9 Series is a pioneering and outstanding choice for rental LED display solutions in the live events industry. With its diverse features, interactive functionalities, and state-of-the-art heat dissipation technology, the MG9 Series reshapes the landscape of LED displays across a myriad of applications. Embark on a journey into the future of stage rental LED technology with us and elevate your visual experiences to unparalleled heights.


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