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With the rise of the concept of "new Kretail" and driven by the trend of 5G+ 8K technology, LED displays shine in a variety of commercial retail scenarios. For indoor and semi-outdoor commercial display environments, LED displays can dynamically display products and brand publicity, being widely used in shopping malls, retail stores, large commercial super, and other occasions. With the feartures of the Ultra HD effect, flexible installation, high stability, and immersive interaction, YES TECH provide commercial retail solutions for major commercial complexes, supermarkets, retail stores, and flagship stores to help customers maximize business value.

Delicate display

Provide brighter display effect, not afraid of direct sunlight, delicate display, suitable for close viewing.

Scene marketing

Support customized modeling, upgrade consumers' shopping experience.

High stability

Low power consumption, suitable for long-term display, more in line with high-end application scenarios.

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