“Screen Your Visual World” YES TECH New Product Launch


On October 18th, YES TECH New Product Launch Event with the theme "Screen Your Visual World" was held online, unveiling two innovative products, namely Mview Series for outdoor fixed installation and fine pixel pitch product Mnano II Series. YES TECH has been focused on trends and market demand for LED displays that are suitable for different scenarios.


Rachel, Vice President for oversea sales department, delivered the speech first: To cater to users’ demand, YES TECH launches its new products officially to global customers today. Mnano Ⅱ Series for fine pixel pitch and Mview Series for outdoor fixed installation to promote wide application of LED in emerging scenes, such as commercial field, cultural tourism, sports complex and meta-universe. We hope that LED display peers will activate social and economic value of LED display together with us, and bring you a more shocking audio-visual experience.


In the interview session, the host and YES TECH Senior Engineers Simon and Alen introduced the characteristics of the two products and innovative technology. In pursuit of advanced technology and high quality, YES TECH's five quality control systems rigorously test every product to maximize the commercial value of LED screens.


This year, the LED industry market is recovering at home and abroad. The demand for LED applications is gradually increasing. Retail, entertainment and sports events grow rapidly. So YES TECH launched two new products: the outdoor fixed installation Mview Series features lightweight and energy-saving, the fine pixel pitch Mnano II series with characteristics of high-definition and cold screen touch which bring better visual effect to customers.

The Mview Series can apply to commercial advertising, broadcasting and TV stadiums and other large screen display scenes.  The core features of Mview Series are lightweight, energy-saving, high brightness, high IP rating, and supporting for 90° straight/curved corner splicing. The cabinet adopts aviation aluminum material combined with die-cast aluminum design which is lighter compared to regular outdoor screen.  In terms of heat dissipation performance, the control box cover is designed with aluminum heat sinks, making uniform heat dissipation to adopt to the high temperature.  Furthermore, Mview can realize different angle splicing with customized connectors, allowing for more creative shapes, such as square columns and arc-shaped columns. Mview adopts a common anode LED constant current solution, lowering power consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional outdoor screens. For display performance, it uses ultra-bright LED lamp combined with high refresh rate and high contrast, resulting in excellent display effects for outdoor commercials. 


Mnano II Series supports various indoor applications, such as studios, conference rooms, exhibition displays, and so on. The key feature of this product is cold screen with excellent ink color, high reliability and protective properties. Mnano II Series adopts the COB four-generation cutting-edge technology which brings advantages such as low temperature, low power consumption, and better heat dissipation, delivering a sensation of a cold screen for everyone. The product has high uniformity in ink color and excellent color consistency, presenting a sharper and more refined image display. In terms of image finesse, it offers 22-bit+ fine control output with a calibration of 419,000 fine gray levels, delivering a lifelike and natural visual experience. Finally, the product has better color uniformity, higher picture contrast and upgraded reliability and protection performance based on the original characteristics. 


People get to know YES TECH's new products fully and have their comments and inquiries posted online through the conference. The demand for LED display applications will continue to increase globally with high-definition, large size, high refresh rate, etc. YES TECH, as one of the most popular LED brands in the world, will still dedicate to the display industry, lead the market with remarkable technical strength and the spirit of continuous innovation, and provide customers with better products and services. Meanwhile, YES TECH will also strengthen cooperation with many enterprises at home and abroad to jointly accelerate the development of LED displays.

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