Fantastic Stage, YESTECH Stunning at Apollo 20th Anniversary


On June 15, 2023, the Apollo 20th Anniversary Bonding for Live was grandly held in Gem Center. As a leading manufacturer in Vietnam silicon market, Apollosilicon

has gone through 20 years of development. YES TECH is honored to share this glorious moment with all the guests and singers.


The excellent performance of singers combined with the ultra-clear and vivid images produced by the icon product MG7S from YES TECH bring an audiovisual feast for the audience. 340 square meters of MG7S Series with 3.9mm pixel pitch built the stage, including a large background screen in the central of the stage and the smaller ones beside it.


In the central of the stage, the main background screen displayed a variety of different dynamic pictures changing with the rhythm of the music, creating an extremely immersive atmosphere that thrilled all the participants.3_1701224914.jpg

In addition, LED screens on both sides and above the stage broaden the vision of performance from multiple angles and left a long-lasting impression to the audience.4_1701224914.jpg

As a high performance screen in rental stage application, MG7S can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios and meet the various customized needs of customers. At present, this product has successfully applied in MAROON 5 Lisboa 23 concert, Lazada Thailand, etc, bringing infinite surprises to the global audience.

Multi use and Multi shapes

The advantages of “Multi use and Multi shapes” makes display product more widely applicable and lowers management costs, creating greater business value for customers.


Stable and Reliable

The product utilizes patented polymer nano-material, lightweight and durability. Adopting the linear secondary adhesive force workmanship and full-point reinforcement, the LEDs’ thrust increasing by 100%. It can reduce the collision and loss of LEDs effectively, thus the lifespan of display will be longer.

Full View Design

The unique U-shaped mask design is adopted to optimize and upgrade the previous full view mask, no color bias, no color block, and no image distortion, the audience coverage is much wider.

As an important moment in the development of Apollosilicon, YES TECH's product ignited the passion of the guests by leaving them an unforgettable audiovisual feast. In the future, YES TECH will always be committed to creating a more creative stage and showing the oriental glory to global customers.

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