The Exciting Infocomm 2023 ! What did YES TECH Bring This time?


From June 14th to 16th,the InfoComm was held at the Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida, USA. It is the largest professional AV trade show and the most comprehensive AV solution in North America.


With the theme “ Innovating with Visuals”,YES TECH gave visitors the latest and immersive visual experience and gained larger popularity.


YES TECH showcased its latest display technology and focused on creative stage rental application and high-end conference application to global visitors.


The stage rental application area attracted a number of visitors to take pictures which consisted of main screen, hanging installation, dance floor and cube design. It adopted featured products MG6SMG7SCreative-Extended Series, cube and DS Series.


The main screen adopted layered design. The front screen is left-right symmetrical with a variety of shapes. The door screen was designed with two door-shaped entrance on the left and right. The dance floor were designed in a T-shape, seamlessly integrating with the main screen.


What’s more, the conference and commercial display also attracted much attention. In the conference display area, the fine pitch HD large screen attracted a visit to consult. In the commercial display area, the curved main screen created by MG6S series products, with seamless splicing and smooth transition at the corners, maximum reappears real image, which is unanimously praised by the professionals .


The ace product MnanoⅡ Series adopts full flip-chip COB technology, which has the characteristics of long-term consistent ink color. It can achieve low energy consumption and the effect of cold screen, and the surface temperature is close to the human body temperature.

At the same time, the color gamut of MnanoⅡ reaches the standard of BT-2020,with 22bit gray level, and the details are processed more delicately. The MnanoⅡ series can fully meet the requirements of television, high-end conference, command and scheduling and exhibition display. The attendees affirmed the high quality of the YES TECH screens!


The new outdoor fixed product Mview series with light and thin cabinet, which is about 30% thinner than conventional outdoor cabinets. The die-casting module design has good heat dissipation performance, and has the advantages of high precision, high strength and anti-collision.


MG touring system made its debut in overseas exhibitions, which especially designed for large stages and composed of hoists, back frames with transport. It has the characteristics of quick assembly and disassembly and convenient storage. One touring system can load with 6m² screen.


Yes Tech will surprise you more at the next stop:

Live Entertainment Expo

Time: 28-30 June, 2023,

Booth NO: 12-39,

Venue: Tokyo Big Stickpin

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