YES TECH Electrifies Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show


The 2024 Super Bowl, the pinnacle of American football excitement, concluded on February 11th successfully. This grand game not only showcases thrilling gameplay but also a spectacular halftime show. Usher, awed during his 13-minute performance, turned Allegiant Stadium into his playground, with a little help from longtime pals and collaborators. 1_1707827285.png

To light up the show with flair and innovation, the MG7S Series and MG Creative-Extended Series were pivotal in forming the main circular stage and two smaller round stages, configuring a layout akin to a plane to provide an unparalleled visual experience. The MG7S Series, known for its original “multi-functions & multi-shapes,” has previously supported the main stage for the renowned band U2 at the MSG Sphere. It serves as a versatile solution that can be used as dance floor tile, sky curtain, stadium screen, and more to cover 100% rental applications. Together with the MG Creative-Extended Series, it achieves various shapes such as letters and numbers, catering to diverse needs.2_1707827285.jpg

His electrifying halftime show featured not only his swag but also a show-stopping moment as he glided across the stage on a roller-skate which has high demand for the strength and load-bearing capacity for the main stage. The MG7S Series has proven its superior load-bearing capability through many international events like the 19th Asian Games and the U2 show in MSG Sphere, surpassing that of professional tile screens, ensuring superior performance on the main stage of the Super Bowl with world-class visual effects. The unique U-shaped mask design ensures no color bias, color blocks, or image distortion, with vertical and horizontal viewing angles reaching 160°, offering a wider audience coverage.


YES TECH Strive for more innovation and development with the introduction of the MG9 Series, the upgraded version of the MG7S, boasting an impressive load-bearing capacity of 4.6T after design reinforcement and a fivefold increase in anti-fatigue performance. Adopting linear secondary adhesive force craftsmanship, the thrust of lamp beads was greatly enhanced to bring more reliability. Moreover, its integrated design offered more uniform heat dissipation. 


Over 20 years, YES TECH has provided professional visual solutions for numerous sports events, including the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 19th Asian Games, the World Cup, and more. Our superior quality, rich experience, and sincere service have earned high recognition from customers, ultimately leading to the successful implementation of the project. Our products added a touch of technological brilliance to the game, making the 2024 Super Bowl an unforgettable experience. Let’s anticipate the champions of the 2025 Super Bowl and celebrate the charm of sports together.5_1707827285.jpg

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