YES TECH LED Technology Shines Bright at Las Vegas Sphere Opening Ceremony & U2 Tour Show 2023


The new U2: UV residency features a stage designed Stufish Entertainment Architects, based on Brian Eno’s turntable concept. Fuse Technical group was charged with being the rental solutions provider for all things LED. Fuse took this opportunity to work hand in hand with the LED design team at YES TECH. The teams worked in tandem to create custom curved tiles to shape the stage’s iconic circular shape out of YES TECH MG7S 3.9mm LED tiles.


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur Getty Images 


Photo Credit: Stufish Entertainment Architects 

YES TECH’s R&D team in China worked under tight deadlines with strict quality standards to complete the custom modules needed. Designed around YES TECH MG7S product line, each portion of the curved surround features a unique mixture of custom and stock modules, creating the desired scenic element of a raised turntable platter.  


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur Getty Images


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur Getty Images

With over 900 YesTech tiles on the show, each features the Novastar A7S receiving cards. The show’s LED control was specified to perform on Novastar’s new MX40 Pro line, coupled with Novastar CVT-10 Pro S fiber receivers. Novastar engineers worked in collaboration with YES TECH’s design team to ensure that every custom shape was properly configured and ready for opening night.

Special Support by Fuse Technical Group

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