YES TECH Offline Promotion Activities Ended Successfully in the U.S.!


On September 26th and 28th, YES TECH held product promotions in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, respectively. The unique shapes formed by YES TECH's popular products, MG7S Series and MG Creative-Extended Series, made a big splash and the activities were a complete success.


During these two promotions, YES TECH showcased an elaborate booth for the audience with the ultra-high definition display that brings an extraordinary visual experience to the people. 


Taking the advantage of "Multi-functions & Multi-shapes", MG7S series and MG Creative-Extended series were spliced together in the shape of a "cat's head", which was simple but also eyes catching. With the ultimate high-definition picture and bright colors, the creative LED display attracted a lot of people and was being recognized.


MG7S series not only can apply into indoor and outdoor but also can be suitable for floor tile screens, stadium screens and sky curtains. Combined with MG creative-extended series, it enables various creative designs. The advantage of "Multi-functions & Multi-shapes" makes the product more widely used.


The cabinet utilizes the unique patented polymer nano-material, which is lightweight but also durable. Adopting the linear secondary adhesive workmanship, the LED’s trust increased by 100% so that it can reduce the lamp bead bump loss effectively and prolong the life span of the display.

The product features a unique U-shaped mask design that enables a better visual experience without color deviation, color blocking, distortion, but with superior picture quality in high definition and refinement while we watch.

This year, YES TECH has been showcased at numerous exhibitions around the world, and not long ago officially opened its first overseas showroom in the United Kingdom and established its first overseas after-sales service center in the United States. This helps us further communicate with our customers and target their needs in depth. YES TECH will continue to build a high-quality global service system and continuously implement localization of overseas services to bring more surprising display products and professional services to global customers.

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