YES TECH Brings A Visual Gathering at the InfoComm 2024


Infocomm 2024, provides visitors with the latest techniques and innovations in comprehensive audiovisual solutions, coming to a successful end. YES TECH created a wonderful booth design that showcased various applications and LED series, and especially the speeches by our partners which were well received by attendees.


The outlook:

The creative stage was composed of an MT transparent screen, an LED door, and the MU Series for outdoor rental in the middle, serving as the backdrop. The MG7S P3.9 was used as the dance floor, and three cubes from the MG6S Cube P1.9 Series served as iconic decorations. This design, featuring space-themed visuals, created a sci-fi gala at the booth, drawing lots of attention with its high-quality visuals, consistency, and unique layout. Another attraction was the MG6S curved screen, which featured images of American urban scenes with neon lights, skyscrapers, and iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, fully unveiling a vision of the future. 

Products Featured at the InfoComm 2024:

Rental & Staging: Innovation, Reliability, and Efficiency

YES TECH is dedicated to providing and tailoring high-standard rental solutions for customers worldwide. In the rental & staging area, we kept “innovation, reliability, and efficiency” at the forefront, unveiling excellent products to the attendees. These offerings were designed to be eye-catching, time-saving, and to deliver high ROI.


1. MT Transparent Screen: See Through the Future

This product captivated everyone with its lightweight design and futuristic appeal. Attendees were impressed by its 50% transparency, which delivered unparalleled brilliance. Moreover, its support for ±10° inner and outer arc splicing, perfect 90° corners, and ability to be safely installed up to 10m high made it a vibrant enhancement for rental applications.

1. MU Series: Ideal for Fast Setup of Large-Scale Screens

The MU Series emerged as a favorite for those seeking rapid assembly of large displays. Its platform design facilitates quick setup, offering large size options of 500*1000*72.5mm. The big handle and quick lock made installation effortless, which left attendees impressed with its efficiency.


2. MG7S: Flagship Product for Outdoor Rental

For over a decade, the MG7S Series has been a top pick in outdoor rental screens, and its multi-functions & creative shapes continued to impress at the Infocomm 2024. It can be used as a dance floor, main screen, stadium screen, ceiling screen, curved screen, etc. Combined with our creative shapes series, it could form letters, numbers, and characters, covering 100% of rental settings.


3. MG6S P1.9: High-Definition Screen for Indoor Activities

Our best-seller, the MG6S P1.9, showcased its ability to bring vivid images to life. With 4-in-1 LEDs for improved durability, it stood out in indoor applications, offering stunning visuals and reliable stability.


4. Fine Pixel Pitch: Precision and Clarity

Mnano II Series: Delivers Delicate and Detailed Images

Attendees were captured by its comfortable viewing experience and the cool screen touch enabled by Flip COB technology. The Mnano II Series maintained high color consistency and 8K resolution, offering crystal-clear visual effects that left everyone in awe.



The Exciting Events:

At our booth, we and our customers delivered three engaging presentations which brought the event to a climax. The topics covered our products, the latest trends in the LED display industry, and cutting-edge innovations. These presentations attracted a large audience, eager to learn about the advancements and opportunities within the industry. The event was a resounding success, highlighting the importance and relevance of the information shared.



Next stop we will be on the LiveNT 2024:

Be there and experience our products firsthand at Booth NO.: 3-17

July.3-5, 2024

Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

See you there!

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