The Stage for U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere Triumphs at Mondo dr Awards 2024


On June 12 at 7 PM, Las Vegas time, the Mondo dr Awards ceremony took place, a significant event in the global entertainment technology industry. YES TECH project: “The Stage for U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” emerged victorious, winning the prestigious "Performance Venue of the Year", earning applause from industry professionals worldwide.


The Mondo dr Awards recognize excellence and innovation within the entertainment technology sector. Judged by industry experts, these awards celebrate outstanding projects based on design, functionality, and industry impact, ensuring that only the most deserving projects are recognized.


Our “turntable” stage at Sphere distinguished itself through rigorous evaluations, standing out among strong international competitors. The unique stage, with its dual-layer structure combining a 10-meter diameter circular screen and a 14m square screen, set U2's live performance on fire. This innovative design provided a stunning visual experience and enhanced audience connection through its blend of nostalgia and futurism.


The excellence of the stage is evident in its meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. We developed over 350 custom PCB boards and special dance floor frames to achieve perfect curvature, illuminating 88 irregular screens with precision. The MG7S Series used for this stage, known for its strong load-bearing capacity, high resolution, and wide viewing angles, ensured vivid detail and an immersive experience inside the gorgeous Sphere. Easy installation and versatility allowed efficient setup and customization.


The Awards affirms YES TECH’s innovative capabilities and technical expertise in LED industry. Looking ahead, YES TECH remains dedicated to developing high-quality and advanced applications to create unparalleled visual experiences, always focusing on customer needs.

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