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Mnano Ⅱ Series, small pitch Led Display

Pixel Pitch: 0.78/0.9/0.93/1.25/1.56/1.87mm

Cabinet Size: 600*337*51.3mm/39.75mm

Operating Environment: Indoor

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  • Mnano Ⅱ Series--Visual Innovation

    Adopting the new upgraded COB flip technology. 

    With cold screen touch, high uniformity ink color, higher protection, and higher reliability. 

    Ultra small pitch enables 8K resolution for a UHD visual experience.

    Mnano Ⅱ Series--Visual Innovation
  • Two Cabinets Options

    · Common cabinet with COB encapsulation technology.

    · Custom cabinet with COB & IMD encapsulation technology.

    · Both cabinet are optional.

    Two Cabinets Options
  • What does flip COB bring?

    · Ink color consistent for a long time.

    · Super LED’s anti-collision ability.

    · Low power consumption, low-temperature surfaces.

    · Break the limit of the pixel pitch.

    What does flip COB bring?
  • Delicate display, restore the natural colors

    Support DCI color gamut management;

    Color uniformity above 97%; 

    Achieve 8k resolution HD picture quality;

    22bit+ elaborate control output.

    Delicate display, restore the natural colors
  • Cold screen, extend life span

    Lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, truly realize the cold screen, extend the life of the screen components.

    Cold screen, extend life span
  • High uniformity ink color, excellent viewing experience

    The whole screen can keep the ink color consistent for a long time. Contrast up to 10,000:1, better viewing experience.

    High uniformity ink color, excellent viewing experience
  • Multiple protections fully guarantee reliability

    Panel packaging and new optical material surface treatment, the light board protection level can be up to IP54, panel hardness of 4H.

    Multiple protections fully guarantee reliability
  • Precision splicing, easy application

    Precise cabinet and adjustable splicing design, high surface flatness, easily achieve seamless splicing into 2k / 4k / 8k screen display.

    Precision splicing, easy application
  • Applications

    Studio, conference, commercial, education and other kinds of indoor display.

                                                                                     Parameters-Common cabinet
ModuleEncapsulationCOB(Common  cathode)COB (Common anode)
Pixel Pitch(mm)0.780.91.251.561.87
Module Resolution(W×H)192*216160*180120*13596*10880*90
Module Size(mm)                                150*168.75
CabinetModule Quantity per Cabinet(W×H)                                    4*2
Size(mm)                               600*337.5*39.75
Area(㎡)                                         0.2025
Weight(kg/Cabinet)                                            4
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)16384001137777640000409600284444
IP Grade                                   Front IP54
Opotical ParametersFlash Correction and Store                                          Yes
White Balance Brightness(nit)                                         600
Viewing Angle( °)                                      >160
Contrast Ratio                   10000:1(Without Ambient Light)
Electrical ParametersPower Consumption(W/㎡)420/140370/123346/115346/115321/107
Input Voltage                             AC 100-240V  50/60Hz
Processing PerformanceRefresh Rate(Hz)                                     1920~3840
Control System                                      Novastar
CertificateProduct Certification                     CE / ROHS / ETL / EMC CLASS-A 

                                                                                   Parameters-Custom cabinet


          (Common  cathode)


(Common  cathode)


 ( Common anode)

Pixel Pitch(mm)0.780.93751.251.251.561.87
Module Resolution(W×H)192*216160*180120*135120*27096*10880*90
Module Size(mm)150*168.75150*168.75150*337.5150*168.75150*168.75
CabinetModule Quantity per Cabinet(W×H)4*24*24*14*24*2
Size(mm)                                                      600*337.5*51.3
Area(㎡)                                                           0.2025
Weight(kg/Cabinet)                                                              4.6
Pixel Density (dot/㎡)16384001137777640000409600284444
IP GradeFront IP54IP50Front IP54
Opotical ParametersFlash Correction and Store                                                            Yes
White Balance Brightness(nit)600550
Viewing Angle( °)                                                            160
Contrast Ratio                                           10000:1(Without Ambient Light)
Electrical ParametersPower Consumption(W/㎡)420/140600/200500/165346/115 321/107
Input Voltage                                                  AC 100-240V  50/60Hz
Processing PerformanceRefresh Rate(Hz)                                                             1920~3840
Control System                                                               Novastar
CertificateProduct Certification                                            CE / ROHS / ETL / EMC CLASS-A



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