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Mboard,Double-sided Digital Street Furniture

Pixel Pitch: 3.125mm

Cabinet Size: 2580*1350*176mm

Operating Environment: Outdoor

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  • Ultra-thin screen · Fashionable and elegant

    Its thickness is 176mm and less than 95% of the similar products in the LED display industry, to save more space.

    Ultra-thin screen · Fashionable and elegant
  • HD and High Brightness for Super Visual Display

    The point-to-point display, with 100,000 pixel density, meets the high standard of LED brightness uniformity and color accuracy. Drive decoding rapid response technology, ensures the picture is stable without ripples or flickers. The use of ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode, ensure the long-distance visibility in the case of strong light, better return on investment.

    HD and High Brightness for Super Visual Display
  • High protection, safe and reliable

    The control box adopts the hanging partition design to achieve double waterproof. The module protection up to IP67, and the cabinet protection up to IP65. It is safer and more reliable that the module compact structure is with rotary four-locked. The frame is made of high-end aluminum material (color optional), and the internal high-strength keel bracket structure is more secure for outdoor wind resistance.

    High protection, safe and reliable
  • High heat dissipation · Stable display effect

    The cabinet control box with hanging partition design, it has good heat dissipation and better stability; The air intake is designed at the bottom of the cabinet, high position double silent fans, the heat dissipation of cabinet inside is better.

    High heat dissipation · Stable display effect
  • Easy to install and maintain

    Removable structure design of top light cabinet, multi-function connection holes, it can be installed with rings and wires; The cabinet adopts a floor-standing structure design, which is more convenient to install and maintain. Meanwhile, the design of hanging partition control box makes maintenance more convenient.

    Easy to install and maintain
  • Real-time remote control

    With the cloud control system, it can use mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices to transmit data through various control methods such as WIFI, 4G, and LAN, and realize real-time remote centralized control.

    Real-time remote control
Product NameYMU-P03BUFU
Operating EnvironmentOutdoor
LED EncapsulationSMD
Pixel Pitch (mm)3.125
Module Size (mm)250*250
Cabinet Size (mm)2580*1350*176mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)400*560
Weight (kg/cabinet)237kg
White Balance Brightness (nit)5000~5500
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle160/150
Power Consumption(W/)715/240
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920(1920,2880,3840...)
Control SystemNova

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