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With the enhancement of technological innovation, now LED display outdoor advertising is in a explosive growth period, especially the application of street view advertising, digital signage, transportation hubs, stadiums and supermarket is becoming more and more popular. 

YESTECH DOOH Solution, which are guided by two major display application directions of 3D naked eye and large outdoor HD screen, convey advertising information accurately, timely and completely through outdoor LED displays in outdoor scenes such as building facades, buildings, high-speed railway stations, airports and bus stations.


3D Naked Eye

3D effect without glass, more comfortable and intuitive, more realistic and shocking.
LED display plays a fascinating effect,maximize the value of advertising.
Seamless splicing of corner screens can be achieved to realize more creativity.

Street Advertisement

The excellent image quality trasmit the advertiser's brand value proposition to the target audience perfectly,enhance brand awareness and influence.
Remote control.
Suitable for close viewing.

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