LED Tunnels: An Immersive Experience


Dynamic, spectacular, avant-garde and elegant; this is how we can define the technology that integrates LED tunnels. And if you want to add more charm and majesty to your events, the presence of this equipment will be the right one to welcome unprecedented events.  An LED tunnel will never go unnoticed by those who pass through it. Let yourself fall in love with this fascinating way of directing the path of your guests towards an experience of another level.


YES TECH delivers this 115 SQM LED tunnels with MG6S series, which is the wise choice for indoor rental. Using the world's unique patented polymer nano-material, the cabinets have the toughness of polymer materials and the firmness of metals. It is also light and thin to be more safe and stable. The LEDs adopt secondary adhesion reinforcement process which made the collision resistance ability improved. 18 bits gray scale output, reaches great display consistency in low bright environment and clear shadow details. Together with MG creative-extended series can make many creative shapes such as letters, numbers, heart, etc.​​ , making your stage more colorful and thus creating more value. 


Where to use LED tunnels: LED screens distributed as tunnels can be integrated and cover a large number of spaces within an event.

Entrances to venues: Decorate the anteroom of the space you have chosen as a venue with the integration of LED tunnels that impregnates the road with an imposing appearance to prepare those who walk through it to enter an environment according to the theme of the event.

Weddings and social events: Contagious a magical atmosphere and out of series with the unique beauty that this equipment gives the enclosure where an event of great importance is celebrated.Make the LED tunnel the perfect setting for incredible photos that will remain for the memory.

Concerts and festivals: Fill with glamor and colorful atmosphere to this type of shows with meters of vibrant LED technology synchronized to the beat of the music.

Conferences and conventions: Achieve exceed the expectations of your conferences and conventions from the first moment to welcome participants to this meeting with a hallway lit with high quality digital content.

Art exhibitions: Highlight the beauty of the pieces of art exhibited with a LED tunnel that besides leading the way elegantly, this to match the theme of what is presented there.



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