Hign-end International Conferences Application of MG Series


In recent years, YES TECH with rich experience in international events and high-quality LED display products, have been showcased at a series of international events and have attracted attention worldwide. 


India, as the rotating chair of the G20 this year, hosted such a large-scale multilateral diplomatic summit for the first time. Not only has the G20 been a hit, but the LED screens at the venue have also caught people’s attention. As one of the service providers for the previous G20 Summits in Indonesia and Japan, YES TECH once again took the stage at the G20 event.

All the LED screens at the International Media Center and the Digital India during the India G20 Summit were supplied by YES TECH. During the G20 Summit in India, YES TECH’s star product, MG6S series broadcast the G20 Heads of State and Government Meeting in high definition, with accuracy and stability in the media center. The No. 14 & No. 5 indoor screens in the digital hall, the creative LED tree devices and the digital interactive screen are all the products of YES TECH.


During the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, the main conference screen was created by MG6S Series presented high-definition. Likewise, YES TECH designed a large curve screen for the Infrastructure Investor Dialogue. YES TECH supports the G20 Summit with creative and high quality LED screens in multi-scenario application.


YES TECH's star products, MG6S series also delivered nearly 1,000 sqm of display for the main venue of the 43rd ASEAN Summit and the seminar themed “From ASEAN to the World: Payment Systems in the Digital Age".


In the 2022 APEC Summit in Thailand, YES TECH supplied high-end displays for its welcome dinner and the closing of the senior officials' meeting. The product can shift from main screen to curved large screen or simple side screen easily to satisfy multi-scenario applications within the same venue.


In the 2022 Indonesia G20 Summit, YES TECH provides high-quality display application services for a series of thematic activities such as the awarding of the Indonesia G20 Digital Innovation Network, the Indonesia G20 Central Bank Service Festival, etc., fully demonstrate its multi-scenario use. 


YES TECH also customized the "Giant Conference Table" display for the "Energy and Environment Ministers' Meeting" in Japan G20 summit, which is highly personalized suitable for close viewing. 


International events have a high demand for on-site LED displays, and its stability, reliability and visuals should meet the high standard requirements. YES TECH has been dedicated to the R&D and production of LED displays for more than 20 years and has provided professional display application services for many international projects such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, Hangzhou Asian Games, Qatar World Cup, Dubai Expo, and Brazil World Cup. These projects showed the technological prowess of YES TECH and established the technical endorsement that is well recognized.


MG6S series customized brand LEDs and high gray high refresh IC, with high-quality control system and HDR technology, up to 18bit+ grayscale output. LEDs, PCB boards, and color of the mask in proper match, maximum reappears real image.The cabinet utilizes the unique patented polymer nano-material, the weight is only half of the metal material which is easy for install.LEDs adopt secondary adhesion reinforcement process, the thrust increased by 100%, which enhances the stability and reliability of the screen.MG6S series combined with MG Creative-Extended series cabinets can achieve various of creative design,such as letters, numbers, making the stage eyes-catching.


MG7S Series is Multi-functions. It not only apply into indoor and outdoor, but also can suitable for floor tile screens, stadium screens and sky curtains. Multi-shapes, combined with MG creative-extended series, it can achieve various of creative design.After technical innovations, the LED’s thrust increased by 100% and the load-bearing capacity is of 4.6T. Adopting the linear secondary adhesive workmanship, the LED’s trust increased by 100% enable better stability and reliability.The product features a unique U-shaped mask design that enables a better visual experience without color deviation, color blocking, distortion, but with superior picture quality in high definition and refinement while we watch.The cabinet utilizes the unique patented polymer nano-material, which has the toughness of polymer materials and firmness of metals. And the product is heat resistant, waterproof and moisture resistant so it can run stable for a long time.

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