YES TECH Shines in Indonesia: A Resounding Success at the Product Launch Event



The YES TECH product launch event in Indonesia on May 31st was a resounding success, showcasing the successful collaboration between the YES TECH team and their esteemed Indonesian partner.


At the beginning of the event, Ms. Guo Yan, the APAC Director of YesTech, delivered a speech highlighting YesTech's strategic approach. She emphasized the company's focus on leveraging the practicality and reliability of our products to provide users with faster and more efficient localized services. YesTech aims to excel in the LED display manufacturing industry, strengthening our position through mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborative growth with our valued partners.


During the product launch event, YES TECH introduced three major products targeting the Indonesian market: the upgraded performance of MG6S Series and MG7S Series, as well as the all-new MG6S Plus Series and MG Cube Series. These offerings further solidify YES TECH's commitment to the rental applications.


Highlighted Aspects of YesTech Products


MG6S / MG6S Plus Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.9/2.6/2.84/3.9/4.8

Performance Upgrade: The thrust of the LED chips has been effectively increased, resulting in a 100% boost compared to the previous generation, reducing chip loss, and improving product utilization.

Versatile Application: With options for dislocation installation, curved installation, and seamless integration with the MG Creative-Extended Series, various creative shapes can be easily achieved with limitless possibilities.

Convenient Assembly and Disassembly: With its interior designed for hard connection and a snap-on back cover, the cabinet allows for swift and convenient disassembly and replacement. The MG6S Plus enhances the efficiency of screen assembly and disassembly, allowing for front and rear maintenance. This time-saving and effort-reducing feature ensures a hassle-free experience

High-Definition Display: Utilizing HDR technology, carefully selected brand LED chips and high-gray high-refresh rate IC, the display delivers excellent uniformity and can achieve a maximum of 18-bit+ grayscale output.


MG7S Series

Pixel Pitch: P3.9/4.8

Versatile Usage: The MG7S Series is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor applications but also meets the requirements of dance floor, stadium screen, and sky curtain, maximizing product utilization.

Endless Creativity: With the integration of the Creative-Extended series, the MG7S series offers a multitude of creative shapes, enhancing the allure of stages and unlocking enhanced commercial potential.

Stability and Reliability: Utilizing patented polymer nano-material, the cabinets have the toughness of polymer materials and the firmness of metals, resulting in a lightweight and durable design. The advanced linear adhesion technology increases the LED module's stability by improving the thrust force of the LEDs, making assembly and disassembly easier while ensuring reliable performance.


MG Cube Seires

Pixel Pitch:

MG6S Cube: P1.9/2.6/2.84/3.9/4.8

MG7S Cube: P3.9

Infinite Creativity: With the integration of the original connectors, the MG Cube Series allows for various assembly methods such as right-angle, conventional, and creative splicing. It enables the rapid creation of imaginative shapes like cubes, L-shape, U-shape, numbers, letters, and graphics, pushing the boundaries of stage creativity without limitations.

Ingenious Structural Design: The modular design of the cabinet consists of three independent parts: the panel, the driver system, and the power supply. Swapping cabinets is as easy as swapping modules, ensuring quick assembly and disassembly on-site.

Impressive Cases

At present, YesTech's sales network spans across 100+ countries globally, creating over 10,000 iconic case studies. Continuously enhancing various applications such as rental staging, sports events, and conference presentations, YesTech consistently brings a captivating blend of brilliance and vibrancy to enrich various scenarios.


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The product launch event in Indonesia was a resounding success. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers for their continuous support, as well as extend our appreciation to our partner, PT. Sarang Gagas Indonesia, for organizing this event. Moving forward, YesTech will continue its commitment to display screen manufacturing, striving to deliver exceptional visual experiences to customers through high-quality products, comprehensive solutions, and outstanding after-sales services.

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