Perfect Conclusion of Saudi Light & Sound Expo 2023!


Saudi Light & Sound Expo (SLSExpo), the final destination of YesTech's May exhibition, concluded on a high note. As the largest event of its kind in Saudi Arabia, the SLSExpo showcased an extensive range of audiovisual solutions and cutting-edge display technologies to cater to a diverse array of needs.


Highlights of YesTech's Booth 


YesTech's booth at the SLS Expo made a remarkable impression with its combination of the hoisting and rental stage area. The hoisting area was skillfully built using the MG7S Series, boasting a screen size of 6x3 meters. The creatively designed "KSA" shape, representing the abbreviation for Saudi Arabia, captured attention and stood out prominently within the exhibition hall.


The focal point of the YesTech's booth, the rental stage area, consists of three parts: the main screen, creative screen, and dance floor screen. The main screen and dislocation splicing screen were constructed using the MG6S series, creating a symmetrical display. They perfectly complemented the dance floor screen, which featured the MG7S series, showcasing the excellent feature of the MG series products - "multi-use, multi-functions." The visitor seating and tables were positioned directly on the dance floor, enabling the visitor to have a close-up view of YesTech's impressive screen effects while experiencing the durability and solidity of the products firsthand.


The creatively unique cube-shaped display placed at the front desk, featured with the MG7S Cube series, allows viewers to instantly identify YesTech's booth, enabling multi-directional information dissemination and delivering a more visually captivating effect.


YesTech's MG6S Series and MG7S Series garnered significant attention at SLSExpo, attracting a large number of visitors who were interested in experiencing them firsthand.

Wise choice for indoor rental


MG6S Series

▪ Adding the heat conduction balance system to release the heat of each working IC and LEDs effectively and evenly, ensuring greater durability.

▪ With the use of patented polymer nano-material, the cabinet is 20% lighter in weight compared to traditional products, making it easier to transport and install.

▪ Elaborately selected brand LEDs and high gray high refresh IC, matching with superior control system, and adopting HDR technology, screen could reach 18 bits gray scale. The gray scale is uniform and the display consistency is good under low brightness environment, maximum reappears real image

Cover 100% of LED rental applications


MG7S Series

▪ Using the unique patented polymer nano-material, the cabinets have the toughness of polymer materials and the firmness of metals.

▪ The protection grade can reach IP65. Fully meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor use.

▪ The brightness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 800-4500nit, and the gray scale remains unchanged with a well-balanced color, presenting superior image quality with high definition and exquisite details to meet the high standards and demands of customers.


At the booth of YesTech, the MG Cube series once again received enthusiastic inquiries from visitors. YesTech team provided professional and passionate service, delivering detailed on-site product presentations that garnered unanimous praise from our valued customers.


The Saudi Light & Sound Expo has come to a successful conclusion. And we would like to express our gratitude to our partner, Castle of Dreams, for their strong support at SLSExpo. Excitements Continues in June:


Infocomm 2023

Time: Jun.14-16

Booth No.: 1111

Free Pass Code: HUN357

Venue: Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL 32819 

Live Entertainment Expo 2023

Time: Jun.28-30,2023

Booth No.: 12-39

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


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