Have Not Enjoyed Enough of ISLE 2023? See you at ISA 2023!


The three-day ISLE 2023 came to a successful end on April 9. This long-awaited visual feast meets everyone's expectations! 

As always, YES TECH has been presenting its best products to everyone and gained much popularity.In this exhibition, in addition to the heavyweight exhibits - MG series, YES TECH also brought three new products, small pitch Mnano Ⅱseries, MG Cube series and outdoor fixed S series. YES TECH continues to push the envelope, adapting to market demand and application trends to create a richer and more diverse set of applications.


Full Flip-chip COB Technology

The Mnano Ⅱseries adopts full flip-chip COB technology, which has the panel package combined with new optical material surface treatment process, 

panel hardness up to 4H, the product surface is dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, anti-collision, lamp bead failure rate is less than 15PPM, equivalent to half of the traditional SMD, is the first choice for indoor high-end scenarios to be more cost-effective.


Consistent ink colour

The highlight of the Mnano Ⅱseries is the use of COB full flip-chip, which ensures consistent ink colour over time even when the large screen is spliced; 

the contrast ratio is up to 10000:1 when the screen is bright, combined with matte matte design, which can prevent glare and make viewing more comfortable, 

and the visual experience is more attractive to the audience.

Cool Screen

The Mnano Ⅱseries can achieve low power consumption, energy saving, and the effect of physical cold screen, the surface temperature is close to human body temperature, touching the screen without heat, more suitable for near-screen experience application scenarios. Mainly used in radio and television, high-end conference, command and control, exhibition display and other scenes.


MG7S Cube series was presented at the booth as a rental stage application. As a new "member" of the MG series, this product is based on the unique performance of the MG series, with its innovative 45° angle cabinet, which can be unlocked for more creative splicing through its original connectors.


Right-angle jointing

The right-angle connector allows you to quickly create 90° right angles, cubes, U-shaped screens and more.


Conventional splicing

With 150/180mm long connectors, you can splice conventional main screens with Cube boxes and Cube boxes with each other to achieve more shapes.


Shaped splicing

Combined with the matching connectors, it can be spliced with the creative series to achieve different creative shapes such as numbers, letters and graphics.


YES TECH has upgraded the Super Outdoor Fixed S series from customer demand and market trend. The cabinet is designed with aviation aluminium and die-casting aluminium, which is about 30% lighter and thinner than conventional outdoor boxes; at the same time, it has the advantages of high precision, high strength and bump resistance.


Good heat dissipation and high protection

S series power supply fits into the case, combined with metal die-casting module design, heat dissipation evenly, better picture quality. 

At the same time, the S series has superb protection performance, with a waterproof rating of IP65, providing protection for outdoor scenarios.


High compatibility, free upgrade

The S-Series is designed to be "wireless", with no wires visible, making it neat and beautiful. The box is highly compatible and can be freely upgraded to different point pitches, covering outdoor advertising, city landmarks, commercial complexes and other scenarios.


ISLE 2023 has come to a successful conclusion. 

Haven't enjoyed enough? 

See you next time at ISA International Sign Expo 2023! 

Welcome to learn more interesting display applications.


ISA International Sign Expo 2023

Time: 12th-14th April

Booth No.: No 4557

Location: Las Vegas, USA

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