Here We Come, ISLE 2023!


From April 7th to 9th, the ISLE 2023 (International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition) 

will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. 

YES TECH will showcase a variety of new products at the exhibition, 

to create a new visual world of "Innovating with Visuals".


At that time, YES TECH will present the MG series in various application scenarios for stage design, 

XR, dance floor, and creative splicing through an immersive experience space. 

There will be different functional services and fully demonstrate the mature application of YES TECH’s 

LED display products in stage design, commercial displays, high-end conferences, 

and other fields with intuitive visual effects.


Their "MG Series + XR Virtual Shooting" solution achieves a perfect collision between artistic and technological senses, 

bringing stunning visual effects to the audience.

Following its impressive performance at ISE 2023, the MG Cube series will debut again at ISLE 2023 

to create a more spacious and creative stage, releasing unlimited excitement!


YES TECH will exhibit their new product, the Mnano Ⅱ series, 

for the first time at a domestic exhibition! 

Want to present more details and have a high-definition visual experience? 

Come to learn more about Mnano Ⅱ series at ISLE 2023!


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