Recalling the Highlights of MIR Exhibition Together!


From April 2nd to 4th, 2023, the MIR TECH Technology Expo (shortly as MIR TECH 2023) 

was held at the Rimini Exhibition Center in Italy.  Let's look back on its excitement together!


During the exhibition, YES TECH partnered with its exclusive agent in Italy 

to showcase its MG series products, igniting innovation and 

demonstrating the diverse possibilities of YES TECH's stage rental services to attendees.

At the booth, three cubes created by the MG series products were stacked into column shapes, 

highlighting a unique design concept of freedom and individuality. 

The display not only demonstrated exceptional visual effects 

but also featured a distinctive design that perfectly integrated with the booth, 

filled with a sense of technology.



The most eye-catching product on display was the multi-sided display screen 

created by the MG series products, which combined with a tile screen 

to produce a stunning visual effect, perfectly displaying the MG series products' 

"Multi-Function & Creative-Shapes" feature.


During the exhibition, customers from all over the world gathered at the YES TECH booth 

to inquire about their products and services.

MG Series product not only can be used for indoor and outdoor 

but also apply for interactive dance floor, sky curtain, perimeter screen.

With the MG series products' special structural design, 

YES TECH can create curved screens, letter screens, heart-shaped screens, 

and other creative shapes to make their stage designs even more attractive.


This April, YES TECH will appear at various domestic and international exhibitions, 

including the Shenzhen ISLE Exhibition 2023, ISA International Sign Expo 2023, 

National Association of Broadcasters Show 2023, Prolight + Sound 2023, 

bringing even more exciting products and services. 

Stay tuned!

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