Mwall—An Innovative Solution for Indoor Fixed LED Displays


When it comes to dynamic display, and activate showcase, we hope that there's something to create stunning visual displays that capture attention and convey information in a powerful way.That's where YES TECH's Mwall comes in. It is an innovative solution for indoor fixed LED displays.Now let's take a closer look.


Higher Flatness

Adopting integrated aluminum alloy die-casting box, the brand LED display is lighter and ensures higher accuracy, resulting in a flatter screen installation. 

The sink-type positioning magnetic design enhances the flatness of the module and the speed of module assembly and disassembly. The PCB of the lamp board is attached to the box frame to reduce accumulation errors and improve flatness.


Dynamic Display 

With a thickness of 65mm and a weight as light as 5.6kg, the brand LED display can be wall-mounted, saving installation costs and space.

 With a brightness of up to 4000-4500nit (P1.9/2.6), it is suitable for displaying storefronts in outdoor bright environments, with clear and vivid animations, activating and promoting the display of the shop.


Versatile for Various Scenarios

The brand LED display is compatible with different point spacing modules in the same series, saving purchase costs.The cabinet and control box are compatible and can be spliced horizontally or vertically. It supports seamless splicing at 90° angles, unlocking more scenarios such as pillar modeling, indoor/outdoor naked-eye 3D, and more.


Whether you're looking to activate your storefront or create an eye-catching showcase, Mwall can help you achieve your goals. So why wait?

Get your Mwall display today and take your visual display to the next level!

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