ES Series - Your Best Choice for Energy-saving Outdoor Display


Outdoor display is the image of the city, and YES TECH's ES products can operate in a super stable state to maintain a good image of the city. 

It is mainly used in city landmarks, schools, municipal outdoor stadiums, scenic spots, highway toll stations, service areas and other outdoor places.


Super Efficient Energy Saving

Combined with high-efficient energy-saving electronic architecture design, 60% energy is saved than common LED display.


Convenient Use and Installation

Convenient front & rear maintenance, saving operation cost. There is high-strength power box design, which helps to disassembly independent.


Ultimate Display

The mask is treated with a TDR fine texture, which perfectly avoids direct exposure & bright surface, and achieves ultra-high contrast. Combined with the 3840HZ refresh rate and high brightness, the outdoor display is clearer, the color is richer and brighter.


Stability and Safety

ES has independent waterproof module design, and the protection level is IP65. What’s more, the fire rating up to V-0 to make sure the using process is safe and stable.


Various Applications

ES from YES TECH has been used in shopping district in Japan, naked eye 3D in Taiyuan, and churches in Salem, etc., where it has demonstrated its excellent performance such as ultra-efficient energy saving, perfect display, and stability and reliability.


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