Welcome to Festival da Canção 2023---A Musical Carnival!


Recently, Festival da Canção, a European singing competition produced and broadcast by Radio Television Portugal (RTP), received the attention of 130,000 fans. YES TECH's MG7 display greatly refreshed new visual experiences.

Shocking Visual

At the scene, the gorgeous and varied images fully stimulate the visual of the audience, along with the singer's wonderful performance set off the cheering tide at the scene.


Wonderful Display

The performance site lighting color is rich, moving melody with the display dynamic picture, evoking the exclusive memories of each music, directly hit the audience's mind "sense of scenario" and "immersion", witnessing a music carnival together.


YES TECH’s LED has the excellent characteristics of high-definition and delicate picture quality, high refresh rate and high grayscale, which not only enchants the audience, but also withstands the image capture of professional cameras, helping the recording to present a more perfect picture, allowing millions of fans to experience the visual effect of immersion.


More Creativity

YES TECH’s new Cube series, can quickly complete 90 ° right angle splicing, combined with supporting connectors, can improve the conventional screen and creative extension series splicing, assembling faster, flatter, so that the creative stages derived from more possibilities.


YES TECH focuses on rental stage for decades, with the strength of universal versatile application, constantly update innovation of products, winning customers worldwide trust.

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