On Dec. 25, the 4th HAINAN ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ended successfully in Sanya. Top ten awards were announced at the ceremony, which draw a lot attention.

Equally wonderful is the beautiful stage. The stage floor tile display part of the venue is jointly produced by Huaao Media and YES TECH, whom together designed and created top stage rental display products for the closing ceremony, to witness the moment of glory in the film industry.

On the well-designed creative matrix stage, the atmosphere was warm and dazzling. The cultural charm of 4th HAINAN ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was fully demonstrated by the passionate performances of Chinese and foreign actors and actresses.


In the changing light and shadow, the LED stage with rich artistic conception fully displays the local culture. YES TECH MG7S-T creates a flat and picturesque floor tile screen with a total area of more than 400 square meters. It blends naturally with the choreographic matrix, which greatly facilitated the wonderful closing ceremony.

Launched in 2018,the Hainan Island International Film Festival is the youngest international film festival in China. From the artistic conception presented at the opening and closing of the 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival in 2020 to the application of the floor tile display, YES TECH MG7S-T has always been splendid in creative modeling.


High Performance

Through technical improvement, the thrust and bearing capacity of the MG7S-T lamp bead has been effectively improved to ensure the smooth development of the activity.

Excellent Display

Adopt full-angle mask design, there is no color bias, no color block, no distortion, comes wide display frame, wider audience coverage and 360° shooting without dead corners.


Reliable Stability

The highly stable performance fully meets the high-standard needs of atmosphere creation, picture presentation, viewing experience and video production of important events.

In the field of stage display application, YES TECH has a very rich experience of global large-scale events. Over the years,there are numerous amazing moments in YES TECH, such as the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards, 2022 Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV, 2021 New Year Concert of Hunan TV, 2021 New Year Concert of Zhejiang TV, etc.

The new journey will set sail. Hope that there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future!

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