Lets Enjoy the King Power Mahanakhon of Lives Together!


A grand opening ceremony was held recently for King Power Mahanakhon in Thailand. As the 88th tallest building in the world, the opening ceremony attracted wide attention.

The magic stage at the opening ceremony covers an area of more than 380 square meters and adopts a polyhedral structure. The opening show "Mahanakhon of Lives" is a star-studded gathering offering a unique live experience.


Improve Display Effect

MG7s Pro P3.9 from YES TECH allows the viewing image without color bias, color blocking and distortion. A wider coverage can ensure the audiences to receive the best effects from all aspects of the stage.


Provide a Premium Viewing Experience

The stage perfectly demonstrates the structure of the entire building, creating a sense of macro atmosphere that is breathtaking.

With the color changes on the LED screen, we see the audience singing and dancing under the King Power Mahanakhon of Lives, also feel the infinite charm of the stage.


Make Unforgettable Memories

The 3D structure effect is created between each screen, and the content interpretation of different colors reflects the current popular cyberpunk style, making more people spend a dazzling night there.

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