More Thrilling Moments That YES TECH Has Beside the World Cup!


Recently,the 2022 World Cup comes to a successful end. YES TECH and many fans together to witness the generation of football king Lionel Messi's dream of Qatar World Cup wonderful moment!


(Photo By People's Daily)  Argentina won the championship

There come two splendid sporting events: the Winter Olympics in Beijing earlier this year, athletes on the awarding stage of the Winter Olympics; At the Qatar World Cup at the end of the year,we know more familiar, fans are crowning their passion.



The display products of YES TECH have been widely used in international and domestic venues for many years, with high-quality products, high reliable performance, fully meet the high demand for indoor and outdoor competition scene display.

1.Show the Real-Time, Capture the Wonderful


In the 2022 Spanish Basketball Champions League, the athletes' racing against time and heroic posture touched the hearts of every audience. Thedisplay screen accurately conveyed the wonderful moments, feast fans’ eyes, comprehensively presenting the wonderful moments of the athletes' hard work, creating ultra-high-definition viewing experience.5_1703063549.jpg

In the gymnasium, the multifaceted bucket screen is particularly eye-catching.It is not only effectively enhances the spectator experience, but also facilitates the athletes to pay attention to their score at any time.


2.Enliven theAtmosphere,Tint the Colors


The bright yellow and blue colors make the 2021-2022 Portugal Cup Football Award Ceremony more vibrant. They not only greatly enhance the brand image of the sponsors, but also effectively drive the atmosphere.


After a fierce competition, the moment of the podium always is thrilling. The brightly colored LED wall serves as the best background on the podium of the Allianz Cup 2022 Portugal Final Four. As the gun salute sounded, the changing colors enhance the soaring atmosphere of the scene.


3.Brave to Limitations,Fearless to Cold


In the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, YES TECH’s display products also bloom and add much luster here and there.



Goodbye Qatar World Cup, you leave unforgettable memories for the audience! The newstories will carry on,of course, YES TECH is honored to be a witness!


Deeply engaged in the display industry for 21 years, YES TECH provides professional display applications and services for many major events at home and abroad, such as Beijing Winter Olympics, Qatar World Cup, Houston World Table Tennis Championships, Brazil World Cup and so on.


In the future, YES TECH will continue to add vitality to sports business, and make China intelligent manufacturing shining on the world stage!

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