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XR Studio Solution

XR Studio Solution

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XR Studio Solution

With the rapid development of the display industry,the innovation elements are continously ermerging,all industries bring out more application opportunities. XR technology will be widely used in film、live broadcasting、news、sports and live events etc.,bringing more natural and realistic scene and immersive experience.

Yestech provide the ultra HD immersive XR studio solutions,the full viewing angle screen replaces the traditional green screen, which extend real-world LED screens to virtual environments seamlessly. The picture quality is exquisite and realistic, improving the creation efficiency and realizing more creative possibilities. It become more and more popular for the filming shooting industry.


Saving environment cost

Adjusting scene layout at any time, easily to realize scene switching, saving the time and space cost of shooting transition.

Full viewing angle screen highly restores the scene

Full viewing angle led screen replace the traditional green screen and real scene perfectly,virtuality and reality combine, easily cope with the full tracking and shooting of the camera, unlimited creativity.

Controllable whole process of scence,improve creation efficiency

Real-time signaltransmission and real-time screen monitoring, which can adapt to different virtual scenes and a variety of signal sources, to meet the shooting needs.

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